Taxation Process

Each year, the City of Fort Saskatchewan Administration and City Council determine the cost and the municipal budget needed to provide services, including but not limited to:

  • Bylaw enforcement
  • Community and social services
  • Library resources
  • Park maintenance
  • Planning for future infrastructure
  • Protective Services (Police, Fire and Ambulance)
  • Public Transit
  • Road construction and maintenance, including snow clearing

The majority of the revenue required is collected by way of property taxation under authority of the Municipal Government Act (statute of Alberta). Other areas of revenue collection are government grants and user fees.

Heartland housing foundation

Alberta Housing Act is a management body with authority to requisition funds. The City has the authority to collect the Heartland Housing Foundation requisition, but does not have authority to change or refuse the amount requested. 

The Heartland Housing Foundation operates seniors' lodges, apartment complexes and affordable housing complexes in Strathcona County and Fort Saskatchewan on behalf of the Province.

School taxes

The municipality is required to collect school taxes on behalf of the Province, Public and Separate School Boards. School taxes are not subject to control or review under the City of Fort Saskatchewan.

Property owners are notified of municipal and school taxes owing for the calendar year (January to December).

Your tax notice

Your tax notice Includes information on the:

  • location or legal description of the property
  • assessed value
  • taxes owing
  • due date
  • penalty(s) for non-payment of taxes

Property taxes are calculated using the property assessment completed by Tanmar Consulting Inc, commissioned by the Capital Region Assessment Services Commission.

If you own a condominium you may receive a separate Tax Notice for your parking stall(s).

Supplementary Assessment Notice

The City has authorised the supplementary assessment in accordance with Section 313 of the Municipal Government Act. It only applies to new construction occupied in the year. It is mailed out in October with payment due in November.

Additional resources

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