Traffic Safety Plan

We are committed to increasing traffic safety. Over the last decade, we've reduced fatal and serious collisions by 46%. Yet, people are still injured in traffic collisions. The impact can be life changing for everyone; families, first responders, and the community.

Let's get our families home safe. No loss of life or serious injury collision is acceptable.

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Vision Zero

The City of Fort Saskatchewan is a proud member of the Vision Zero Network. Vision Zero is the long term goal of zero traffic fatalities and serious injuries.

Where it started

Vision Zero was founded in 1994 by Sweden. As a result Sweden has one of the world's lowest traffic fatality rates.

Guiding principles

  • We all make mistakes
  • No loss of life is acceptable
  • Traffic fatalities and serious injuries are preventable
  • We are physically vulnerable when involved in motor vehicle collisions
  • Eliminating fatalities and serious injuries is a shared responsibility between road users and engineers

How will we achieve vision zero?

Vision Zero is a long-term strategy, that means changes to infrastructure and traffic safety culture will take time. The Safe Systems Model is an evidence-based approach that allows us to check, guide and improve traffic safety by considering how all parts of the transportation system interact.

We will eliminate serious injury using the Safe System Approach, and the five E's of traffic safety:

  • Engineering
  • Education
  • Enforcement
  • Engagement
  • Evaluation

Edmonton was the first city in Canada to commit to vision zero. View this video for stats and opinions on traffic safety in Edmonton.

Vision Zero is a goal for everyone. What are you doing to make our roads safer?

Thank you to our Vision Zero partners The City of Edmonton and Strathcona County.

Capital Region Intersection Safety Partnership (CRISP)

The City of Fort Saskatchewan is a proud partner of the Capital Region Intersection Safety Partnership; an organization with a focus on intersection safety through the sharing or resources and best practices in the areas of education, engineering, and enforcement.

Traffic safety reminders

Slow down in school zones. School zone hours are in effect during school days (Monday-Friday between 08:00-16:30) and the speed limit is 30 km/h. This does not include holidays or weekends.

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