Recycle and Transfer Station

Hours of operation

Winter Hours (now in effect)

7 days a week: 9am - 5pm
Stat Holidays: CLOSED

Summer Hours

Monday & Tuesday: 9am - 5pm
Wednesday: 10am - 6pm
Thursday - Sunday: 9am - 5pm
Stat Holidays: CLOSED


The Transfer + Eco Station site has been constructed! We encourage users to visit the new site and see the improvements that have been made, including the fully paved area, more streamlined traffic flow, and new drop-off areas for materials. Weight-based fees using the new scale will be implemented in the coming weeks.

Please be patient as we navigate this change and continue to make improvements, including updating signage, adding new services, and getting familiar with the new features on site. A Grand Opening ceremony will be scheduled in the Spring to celebrate this wonderful addition to our community.

This project was made possible through the Municipal Stimulus Program funding.

Key improvements include:

  • Increased safety and efficiency by streamlining traffic flow: One-way traffic will guide you through a fully paved site.
  • Comprehensive sorting signs: Never question what can go into the recycling bins again!
  • Pay-by-weight system with the installation of a scale: Pay a per kilogram weight for garbage materials rather than paying by volume.
  • Safe housing and disposal of a wide range of household hazardous materials: Safe and secure chemical storage buildings will protect people and the environment from potentially harmful substances that are brought to site for proper disposal.

Transfer Station site plan
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Questions? Call the Waste Hotline at 780-992-6218

  • Screened top soil will not be available on site this year. Please call your local greenhouse or compost supplier to inquire about available supply.
  • Branches and yard waste drop-off is for Fort Saskatchewan residents ONLY. Residents will need to show ID verifying their address. Residents arriving without an ID will be turned away.
  • Residents must call the Waste Hotline (780-992-6218) ahead of time if a contractor is coming with yard waste from their property.
  • Contractors without prior confirmation will not be permitted to drop off materials.
  • Contractors disposing of materials on behalf of a Fort Saskatchewan resident must only bring materials from that pre-approved property.
  • To reduce congestion, users are encouraged to organize their materials for disposal before coming to the site

Recycle Station

You can bring recyclable materials to the Recycle Station, including glass which is not accepted for curbside collection.

You can drop off the following recyclable items for free. Please place your items in the designated bin and only bring accepted materials.

  • Plastics: hard, rigid plastics are accepted at the recycle station. Film plastics, such as grocery bags, food wrap, food bags, etc. are NOT accepted.
  • Cardboard: clean, corrugated cardboard only. Please break down cardboard boxes.
  • Glass
  • Metal cans
  • Mixed paper: office paper, magazines, boxboard
  • Newspaper
  • Phone Books

Note: No Styrofoam is allowed. Please put Styrofoam in your garbage.

Transfer Station

Please bring select oversized, excess, hazardous and electronic waste to the Transfer Station, as it cannot be collected at the curb. Yard waste drop-off is free. Fees may apply for other items (see “Disposal fees” below for detailed fees).

For a comprehensive list of items not collected at the curb, download the Fort Sask Waste app.

Download the Fort Sask Waste App in the Apple Store       Download the Fort Sask Waste App on Google Play

The following items are accepted at the Transfer Station:

  • Appliances
  • Batteries
  • Branches (small residential amounts only - Free)
  • Computer Equipment
  • Construction debris
  • Fluorescent bulb fixtures
  • Furniture
  • Paint (Aerosol can only)
    • chalk-based aerosol or liquid
    • deck cleaners
    • ink based aerosol or liquid
    • liquid block filler
    • milk-based aerosol or liquid
    • non-aerosol craft & artist paints
    • solvents, thinners and mineral spirits
    • strippers for paint, coatings, and wallpaper
    • wood preservatives
  • Propane (less than 20lbs only)
  • Rocks and concrete (small residential amounts only)
  • Roofing materials (small residential amounts only)
  • Smoke detectors
  • Televisions
  • Tree stumps (small residential amounts only - Free)
  • Used motor oil and glycol
  • Yard waste (small residential amounts only - Free)
    • NOT including sod, dirt, or soil (see below)

The following items are NOT accepted at the Transfer Station:

  • Sod
  • Dirt
  • Soil

Our composing facility does NOT accept dirt or sod for processing, this material is directed to the landfill.

Why are sod, dirt, and soil not considered as compostable? 
Sod and dirt are mineral soils made up of varying amounts of sand, silt and clay. While these components of soil are vital for plant growth, they do not supply plants or decomposers with nutrients the way organic materials do. Bacteria, fungi and decomposers cannot breakdown mineral soils and turn it into compost. The soil makes turning and aeration difficult and can impact achieving the required temperatures in the windrow for pathogen kill.

The Transfer Station charges dirt, soil, and sod as garbage. The following charges apply for dirt, soil, and sod (for up to an 8’ long truck box):

  • Half Full Truckload: $35.75
  • Level Truckload: $71.50
  • Heaping Truckload: $143.00

Disposal Fees

Recycle and Transfer Station disposal fees


Fees (GST exempt)

Construction Waste

$40.00/cubic meter

Furniture – Small
(e.g. arm chair, kitchen table, twin box spring or mattress (each) )


Furniture – Medium
(e.g. love seat (2 seats), 4-drawer dresser, double/queen mattress or box spring (each) )


Furniture – Large
(e.g. sofa (3 seats), king mattress (each) )


Mattress Surcharge


Propane/Butane/Camp-Stove Gas tanks less than 20lbs




Residential Household Waste Loose Bags

$3.00/bag (up to 6 bags)

Residential Household Waste

$25.00/cubic meter

Yard Waste*


* Our composing facility has advised us that they will NOT accept dirt or sod for processing. This material is being directed to the landfill.  Due to this change, the City of Fort Saskatchewan Transfer Station will begin charging dirt and sod as garbage starting Tuesday, August 3.

Effective August 3, 2021, the following charges will apply for dirt and sod (for up to an 8’ long truck box):

  • Half Full Truckload: $35.75
  • Level Truckload: $71.50
  • Heaping Truckload: $143.00

Screened Organic Topsoil and Woodchips

There will be no topsoil or woodchips available this year due to construction at the Transfer Station.