Utility Services and Providers

Gas & Electricity


EPCOR Energy Alberta GP Inc. offers the Regulated Retail Offering (RRO) for electricity service. Wires service (distribution and transmission) is provided by Fortis Alberta. Your electricity bill will include both the consumption fees and distribution fees as well as admin charges and taxes. To set up the service, contact EPCOR at 310-4300 or 1-800-667-2345 (toll free).

Direct Energy

Direct Energy Regulated Services (DERS) provides regulated natural gas. Distribution is provided by ATCO Gas. Consumption fees, distribution fees, admin charges and taxes will be included in your gas bill. To set up the service, contact DERS at 1-866-420-3174.

Please visit the Utilities Consumer Advocate site for more information about the regulated rates and other competitive energy companies with de-regulated rates or contracts.


Sewage treatment is provided by the Capital Region Wastewater Services Commission. Sewage treatment fees will be reflected in your monthly utility bill. If you encounter sewer problems, call 780-992-6208.

Telephone, Internet & TV Providers

Both Shaw and Telus provide home phone, internet and TV services. Visit their websites for more information.

Waste & Recycling

The City of Fort Saskatchewan provides residents with weekly curbside waste, organics and recycling pick-up. Visit the Waste & Recycling page for more information.


The City of Fort Saskatchewan purchases water from the Capital Region Northeast Water Services Commission, and the water is purchased from EPCOR.

To set up water service for your new home, manage your utilities bills and payments, call the City's Utility Department at 780-992-6178 or visit the Utilities page.