Water and Sewer

The City of Fort Saskatchewan purchases water through a regional water supply commission, from EPCOR, who is responsible for water treatment.

Meter Reading Upgrades:

  • The City installed remote collection devices on water meters to speed-up data collection
  • The City is upgrading to an automated data collection system for real-time water measurement
  • The City is creating a free downloadable app for real-time monitoring of water use and billing

Bulk Water Station

The Truck Fill / Bulk Water Station is operated by Public Works and serves residential, commercial, and industrial water haulers.

Leak Detection

Do you have a leak?


The City is responsible for the pipe from your property line to the sewer main, and for roots intruding sewers from boulevard trees or park trees. As the homeowner, you are responsible for pipes within your property, house, and blockage caused by roots from trees within your property or anything that has been flushed.

What to do if you have a sewer backup.

If you notice a non-urgent issue with your sewer, please contact us through Fort Report. A City employee will be in contact within 48 hours.

How is the sewer treated?

Wastewater and sewage is treated by the Alberta Capital Region Wastewater Commission.

Does the City have an RV Sani Dump?

Yes the city has a no charge RV Sanitation Dump and Water Station.

The RV Sani Dump Station is located at 11125 88 Ave, near the Public Works Shop.

The RV Dump is open all year, although potable water is only available during spring and summer months

Sewer flushing - What are they doing?

Slower moving sewers are routinely flushed to help push solids through. The City also performs a high pressure flushing and cleaning program for all sewers. Each sewer is flushed on about a 5-year cycle. The sewers are typically inspected the following year to monitor conditions.

View our Sewer Bylaw

Drainage and Stormwater Management

The City's stormwater management system gathers rainfall and surface water runoff to help reduce flooding.