Water Portal

As part of the City’s program to update water meters, residents now have access to an online portal to monitor their water usage. The Water Portal allows residents to:

  • view water usage (hourly, daily and monthly) on a phone, computer or tablet from anywhere with internet access
  • set threshold alerts to avoid costly monthly bills due to undetected leaks
  • add multiple accounts and meters
  • add additional people to accounts
  • choose who receives email or text notifications while you're away on vacation

The Water Portal is a communications tool for residents to better understand their water consumption and set personal threshold alerts to help detect leaks if there is continuous water use occurring in the household.

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What is the Water Portal?

As part of the City’s program to update water meters, customers have access to an online portal to monitor their water usage. Since monthly water consumption charges are directly linked to usage, the new portal is a great tool to help customers monitor excessive usage at their property.

  • Once users have signed up for an account, they can log in from a mobile phone, tablet or computer.
  • The portal is accessible from anywhere with wifi access.
  • The portal consists of a user-friendly dashboard with a notification section for municipal messaging.
  • Residents can view their water use in a number of ways - from calculated hourly readings to actual monthly and annual values, including average daily use, billing cycle use and hourly use.
  • Customers can also set thresholds that will send an alert by text or email if the threshold is exceeded. This can prevent costly utility bills that are a result of undetected leaks.
  • There is also an option to add other people to the account, who will also receive the alert. This is especially beneficial for those who may be away for extended periods of time. For example: snowbirds, who may be away from home for several months, can set up alerts which will provide peace of mind that they can track unusual water use activity while they are away.

The Water Portal is a communications tool for customers to better understand their water consumption and can notify the customer of any unusual water use. The customer can set thresholds to receive alerts if there is continuous water consumption that may indicate a household leak.

Is my information protected on the portal?

Yes, the portal is built with the latest technology to keep your account safe and the portal does not store any financial information or identifiable customer information.

Your meter reading data is encrypted with the same technology many Canadian financial institutions use. Additionally, a unique code that identifies the transmitter in the advanced meter and your read will be sent to the City of Fort Saskatchewan.

Does the portal have other features beyond showing my consumption data?
You can set up certain usage thresholds. You can set up text or email notifications if your thresholds are exceeded or other settings are triggered.
What types of water consumption thresholds can be set up?
  • Daily usage alert
  • Billing cycle usage alert
How will I receive alerts? 
When you set up the account you will enter an email address (required) or enter your cell phone number to receive the alert by text. You can also log into the portal to see alerts on your web browser. 
Can I arrange for someone else to receive alerts? 
Yes, you can add additional recipients to your account. This is useful if you’re out of town or want to be notified of potential problems at a family member’s property, for example.
What can I do with the usage details? 
You have the flexibility of exporting this data into files for home use monitoring. Data can be viewed in 24 hour, 7 day, 30 day and annual time frames. 
Can I set up more than one account or meter on the portal? 
Yes, some customers may want to monitor multiple properties so you can have more than one account or meter. You will be asked security questions to verify you’re authorized to add the additional account or meter. 
Can I view the portal on my mobile device? 
You can view the portal from any of the most common mobile, tablet and computer browsers. Please install your browser updates for the best experience. 
How do I know if my information is entered correctly? 
The portal system will send a confirmation email to the address provided. 
What are meter nicknames? 
If you have more than one meter on your account you can give them different names to tell them apart. 
What happens to my account if I move away? 
When you move away, the corresponding portal to your water meter will deactivate as soon as your account becomes dormant and you will no longer have access to the data. Historical consumption of the property will not be available to the new customer. However, the utility will still have access to the full historical consumption. 
What if the hourly and daily water consumption readings from the meter are not showing up on the dashboard for a longer period of time? 
If the radio transmitter has not been heard by the tower receiver for an unexpectedly long period, the hour or day that the consumption occurs can take time to backfill and update. Don’t worry, this will not impact your monthly bill, the meters are calibrated and always measure correctly. If communication between the transmitter and tower receiver is interrupted for an extended period, the City may require an appointment to make the necessary repairs.