Water restrictions and bans

What to do

During a water restriction, residents are asked to reduce their non-essential water use by stopping watering lawns or only watering in the evening and only once a week.

During a water ban, residents are asked to discontinue all non-essential water use, and all outdoor water use is prohibited.

Activities include:

  • not watering lawns, trees and gardens
  • taking short five minute showers
  • not washing vehicles, driveways and house exteriors
  • postponing laundry and dish washing
  • waiting to fill hot tubs, pools or large aquariums
  • turning off taps while shaving and brushing your teeth
  • flushing toilets only when necessary

Why they happen

Water restrictions and bans can occur:

  • during periods of hot, dry weather
  • if there is construction on water pipes and facilities
  • if there is an unexpected water emergency (i.e. water pipe break, etc.)

A water ban could be put in place if:

  • there is an unexpected emergency with a major water system component resulting in a sudden shortage of water supply
  • there is planned construction on a major water system component
  • the demand for water exceeds availability after water restriction has been in place
  • storage reservoirs need time to replenish
  • there is a water quality emergency

It is important to note that the City of Fort Saskatchewan also manages water amounts to make sure there is sufficient water storage for firefighting.

How much notification is provided prior to a water restriction or ban?

The City provides advance notice to residents prior to planned activities that may impact the water supply. Sometimes, there are unplanned events that require an immediate restriction or ban. In these instances, we alert the community as immediately as possible. 

Why does the City sometimes close the truck fill station during water shortages?

During some water shortage events, it may be necessary to close truck fills. When it comes to stretching the water supply, every bit counts. Truck fill customers can make a significant contribution during a water shortage.

We encourage residents who are reliant on truck fills to avoid running on empty. Although restrictions are infrequent there are a variety of factors including weather which may trigger water demand management.

Is there a plan in place for water shortages?  

Yes. The City of Fort Saskatchewan is part of a large regional network of water pipes with other communities in the capital region. We all work together to make sure our water is managed in an effective and responsible way.

Often during periods of hot, dry weather, City departments have already discontinued certain activities like firefighting training, hydrant flushing, park watering and closing the spray park. Street sweeping will be limited as necessary. These are important, but can often be postponed until water supply conditions improve. 

How does a water restriction impact the spray park?
When a water restriction is announced, the use of non-essential water needs to be reduced. The Kin Family Spray Park may remain open, but some of the functions will be limited to reduce water use, and help conserve water in the region
How does a water ban impact the spray park?
When a water ban is announced, the use of non-essential water needs to be discontinued. The Kin Family Spray Park will be closed.