August's Good Neighbours

Blake and Karen Martin | City Centre

The Martin's exemplify being good neighbours in too many ways to count. Blake always chats with the neighbourhood children and keeps watch over them, thanks both children and adults for wearing bike helmets as they pass by, and flags down cars speeding in the cul-de-sac and politely and respectfully asks them to slow down because children play here. He is always quick to lend tools and do what he can to help his neighbours.

Karen builds strong relationships with all her neighbours. She often shares the vegetables out of her garden, cooks meals for seniors and friends who are struggling, and is always available to the neighbourhood kids when they need a chat or connection. She also gives her time to volunteer in the community.

The Martin's have been like bonus grandparents to our children and are dear friends. They always have time for my sons to visit them on their lawn and supply them with cookies and treats. My son had this to say about the Martin's, "They give us snacks. I feel happy with them. They're kind to lots of people and they talk to all of them."

Brittany and Brad Blize | Southfort

While we have been away for a couple months, Brittany and her husband have gone above and beyond with looking after our house. Checking our mail, grabbing packages from the step, checking that the sump pump is working, mowing the grass, pulling weeds…the list goes on and on. They are the best neighbours we could possibly ask for!

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