Construction Updates – November 30, 2022

Highway 15 Bridge Twinning

  • Alberta Transportation is leading this project
  • Work is complete on the portion of Hwy 15 within the City of Fort Saskatchewan limits except for the trails under the new bridge. Paving of the trails will occur in the Spring of 2023. Trail Closures will be in effect over the winter.
  • Work to remediate the construction area in Fort Centre Park is complete for 2022. Any work that can not be completed in November will be completed in the spring of 2023.
  • More project information

JRC Modernization

  • An architect has been selected. Design work on concepts is underway.
  • A construction manager has been selected
  • More information about the project will be posted as concept designs progress

Neighbourhood Rehabilitation Projects

Neighbourhood Rehabilitation is an annual program that ensures that the City's neighbourhood infrastructure meets current standards and is not at risk of failure due to deteriorating conditions.

More information on Neighbourhood Rehabilitation projects

Neighbourhood Rehab – 103 Street

Neighbourhood Rehab – 103 Street Concept Plan

  • Work includes replacement of water, sewer, and road infrastructure on 103 St from 99 Ave to 98 Ave
  • Paving is complete and the road is open
  • Boulevard landscaping is complete. Trees will be planted in the spring of 2023.

Neighbourhood Rehab – 104 Street

Neighbourhood Rehab – 104 Street Concept Plan

  • Work includes replacement of water, sewer and road infrastructure on 104 St from 99 Ave to 100 Ave
  • Design work is complete
  • Work will start in Spring 2023

Neighbourhood Rehab – 108 Street

Neighbourhood Rehab – 108 Street Concept Plan

  • The project will replace water, sewer and road infrastructure on 108 Street from 101 Ave to the end of 108 Street
  • 102 Ave is paved and open
  • Landscape work along 102 Ave will be complete in spring 2023

Neighbourhood Rehab – Lowe Ave

Neighbourhood Rehab – Lowe Ave Concept Plan

  • Work includes replacement of water, sewer and road infrastructure on Lowe Ave from Elizabeth Drive to Jubilee Drive
  • Phase 2 is paved and concrete work is complete
  • Landscape work in Phase 2 will be complete in spring 2023

Range Road 224 – Culvert Replacement

  • The culvert that crosses Range Road 224 at the Yorkville Ditch is being replaced
  • The tender for a contractor has closed and a contractor has been selected
  • Work to replace the culvert is underway. It is expected to be complete the week of December 5.
  • Range Road 224 will be closed from Sienna Blvd to Township Road 542 during construction

Southfort Meadows Park Amenity

More information on the Southfort Meadows Park Amenity project

  • The new park amenity will be located just south of Meadowview Drive along Greenfield Link. The park will include a lit hard surfaced boarded rink, support building, parking lot, skating area and plaza.
  • The concrete pad for the rink is poured. Rink boards will be installed in January.
  • Work on the foundation for the support building is complete. Masonry block work on the support building will start in December.

Transfer Station Site Enhancements

More information on the Transfer Station Site Enhancements project

  • Work includes a new scale and scale house, elevated disposal area for garbage, metal & bulky waste and new compactors. Construction will be completed in two phases. A drawing of the phasing can be found here.
  • Phase 1 is complete. Operations have been moved over to Phase 1.
  • Construction on Phase 2 is complete expect for fencing and cameras. This work will be complete in early December.
  • Phase 2 is scheduled to be open in December
  • The transfer station will be open during construction