COVID-19 Update – New Provincial Restrictions Announced

In response to the rapidly rising cases of COVID-19 in Alberta and particularly in the Edmonton and Calgary regions, the province announced further measures today.

All municipalities in a watch status (more than 50 cases/100,000 people which the City of Fort Saskatchewan currently falls under), are now be subject to the same restrictions as Edmonton and Calgary. This includes:

 •  Mandatory — A cap on social and family gatherings of no more than 15 people. This was previously a voluntary restriction for Fort Saskatchewan.

 •  Voluntary — Masking in the workplace when not social distancing from others.

 •  Voluntary — Limit your cohorts to no more than three.

In addition, new voluntary restrictions are being announced for Edmonton and Calgary asking people to stop have social gatherings in their homes. These restrictions don’t include things like wedding ceremonies, church services, restaurants, funerals, fitness facilities, conferences, or seated-audience sports/shows.

COVID-19 is transmitted though tiny droplets of liquid produced by people who have the virus.

These droplets spread by:

 •  coughing, sneezing, talking, laughing or even singing

 •  touching objects or surfaces the virus has landed on and then touching your eyes, nose or mouth (bath towels, kitchen utensils, door knobs, etc.)

People who have COVID-19 can spread it to others before they start to feel sick. Please continue to stay home when you are sick, maintain physical distance from others, continue to wash your hands, wear a face covering and practice cough and sneeze protocols.