COVID-19 Update

Garage sales, outdoor courts, fire pits, relaunch strategy

Following Thursday’s announcement by the Provincial Government on Alberta’s relaunch strategy, The City of Fort Saskatchewan administration and Council will be evaluating the impacts of the strategy and act accordingly.

“There are no directions in the Stage 1 strategies that indicate any City measures currently in place would change at this time, however we acknowledge that permission is now granted for the local golf course to open,” indicated Brad Ward, Director of Emergency Management.

The City would like to encourage all residents to follow the advice of the Chief Medical Officer of Health, to get outdoors and recreate. All outdoor sports fields remain open for family spontaneous use only and not for large groups to play sports; whether organized or unorganized.

At this time, all outdoor courts and the Kin Family Spray Park are closed until further notice. The City also strongly recommends against holding or attending a garage sale until public health measure have been lifted.

Unrelated to COVID-19 but just as critical, are the measures in place to reduce the risk of wildfires. All fires are prohibited in City parks until further notice. This does not apply to residents using an approved fire pit on their property.

The provincial mandatory public health orders that are still in place include:

•   No gathering of more than 15 people is allowed in one indoor or outdoor location.
•   People gathered in groups of fewer than 15 people must maintain a distance of 2 metres from one another. Gatherings must occur in a space that allows for mandated physical distancing (at least 2 metres between attendees).
•  Non-essential businesses are prohibited from offering services in a location accessible to the public.

COVID-19 is transmitted though tiny droplets of liquid produced by people who have the virus. These droplets spread by:

•  coughing, sneezing, talking, laughing or even singing
•  touching objects or surfaces the virus has landed on and then touching your eyes, nose or mouth (bath towels, kitchen utensils, door knobs, etc.)

People who have COVID-19 can spread it to others before they start to feel sick.

In the Alberta Relaunch document Dr. Hinshaw states: “I want to stress that the fight against this virus is far from over. Alberta’s Relaunch Strategy is the next phase in our collective efforts to protect each other. We must continue to work together to manage risk, use common sense and remain vigilant to contain this virus. Each stage of our relaunch will be advanced after careful consideration.

Please continue to wash your hands, stay home when you are sick, maintain physical distance from others, stay socially connected, and look out for your friends, family and community as we progress through each stage. We will need each other through every stage of this relaunch and into the future.”

You can read the Provincial relaunch strategy on our website at

If any resident has questions or needs some support during this time, the Family and Community Support Services COVID-19 helpline is available at 780-992-6281 during the following hours until further notice: Monday, Thursday and Friday - 8:00am to 4:30pm; Tuesday and Wednesday - 8:00am to 8:00pm; and Saturday - 10:00am to 2:00pm.