Coyote Sightings

You may be seeing more coyotes in the city parks that’s because it’s coyote breeding season until the end of February. We remind residents to stay back, give them space and not feed them.

If you do encounter a coyote please take the following steps:

  •  Make noise! Shout, clap your hand loudly and firmly towards the animal

  •  Be aggressive and make your self seem larger (wave your arms above your head and swing objects)

  •  Carry a whistle

  •  Do not turn away or run. This may trigger natural predator instincts and encourage the coyote to follow

  •  Keep your distance and slowly back away to area of human activity

Please report a coyote incident if it:

  •  Bites, nips or makes physical contact with a person or a pet

  •  Is injured or sick

  •  Is trapped on private property, like your backyard

  •  You notice someone is feeding the coyote

Report any aggressive encounters to Fish and Wildlife at 1-800-642-3800.

Learn more about the urban coyote at