December's Good Neighbours

Lana Santana | City Centre

In 2011, Lana formed the Multicultural Association in Fort Saskatchewan and has worked tirelessly ever since, to help ease the integration of newcomers in our community. Working with many community agencies she helped to initiate anti-bullying initiatives, a women’s empowerment program, and several educational workshops about the cultures and traditions around us so as to build a welcoming and inclusive community. The women’s empowerment program is a space where women meet to share their cultures and learn about their neighbours. It gives attendees an opportunity to meet other women, ease any newcomer integration, as well as establish a community of support and this group is growing in strength each month. Lana has also helped eight families resettle in Fort Saskatchewan which involved helping them obtain furniture and appliances, getting them employed, or training for a career.

Lana’s dream of creating a more welcoming and inclusive community is evident each time the Association holds an event where people from many different backgrounds break bread together or dance together and just enjoy meeting and knowing each other. Right down to the very street she lives on, Lana seeks out and welcomes new people. She facilitates monthly coffee meetings and is currently planning what will be an annual block party!

I am so grateful to know such an amazing member of this community. Although she requires no recognition, Lana Santana deserves the FCSS Good Neighbour award more than anyone I know. We are lucky to have Lana serve as such an active and giving member of this community, let's give her thanks.

Tara Mandryk | Pineview

Tara is always making herself available to help any time of the day or night. She runs to the store for my family if someone is sick and always asks how we are doing or if I need help. She does everything so selflessly. She watches our animals (who have a very annoying feeding schedule) when we are on holidays with no questions asked and asks for nothing in return. Since the day I moved in eight years ago she has been an enormous blessing in my family’s life. We love and appreciate her so much! I could not ask for a more supportive neighbour or better friend and she deserves to be recognized for this and so much more.

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