February 2022 Good Neighbour Recipient

Good Neighbour

George and Kathy Mandryk | Pineview

The Mandryk’s are the most wonderful people and the best neighbours. Kathy and I exchange the same box filled with goodies and the box is never returned empty. We enjoy coffee on each other’s decks during the summer and visit often throughout the year. George is so very handy and no matter what challenges we come up against he is always willing to help us any way he can. When 2020 came around they offered their cabin for weekend getaways. Our friendship grows every day and we feel very lucky to have them as our neighbours!

Tammy Lewyk | Westpark

I wanted to nominate Tammy because she cares about everyone on the block. If a kid crosses the street without looking she reminds them or walks them across to keep them safe. If someone drives down the street too fast she will stop them and remind them there are children in the neighbourhood and to slow down. We have nicknamed Tammy the “Mayor” of our block and she is often out drawing on the sidewalk with the neighbour kids since hers are grown and moved out, is always willing to lend a cup of sugar, and always offers to pick up kids from school if someone was sick. Tammy and her husband would help out any in need down that block and are just naturally really kind caring people. We’ve recently moved and my daughter cried when we were leaving so we have had to invite our old neighbours to the new place because they are just great people to know! We didn’t think we would come across such amazing people and it has been such a pleasant surprise!

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