March 2022 Good Neighbour Recipients

Good Neighbour

Steve and Michelle Mudry | Pineview

This month I would like to nominate a couple of people who have gone above and beyond! My husband passed away September of 2015 and Steve and Michelle have been very capably and efficiently blowing and shovelling my heavy snowfalls every winter since then. It is so much appreciated by my children and myself, as I have health issues and their support has allowed me to continue living in my home. Many, many thanks Steve and Michelle!!

Rhonda and Darrell Loren | City Centre

I can’t explain how amazing my neighbours are. They are the most kind, humble, hard working and generous people I have ever known. They have been through so much and always manage to stay positive and help others. They are constantly gifting us with sweet home made gifts, they keep an eye out on our neighbourhood and our home. They always lend us a hand if we need it, without ever wanting anything in return, helping us in -40 to start vehicles because they saw we were struggling across the street, gifting my anxious dog sweet treats and being so patient with her, making us home made pie, and they made decals when we got a new campervan. They got me a bag of coffee but knew I didn’t have a coffee grinder so they blended it for me first. They are so thoughtful beyond measure. They treat us like family and always make sure we are taken care of. They’ve been faced with so many difficulties and still remain so open hearted and generous. They keep their area in pristine condition even though Rhonda works full time and Darrell has limited mobility. When they’re faced with an unpleasant or unkind person, they always take the high road and treat the other with kindness.  I cannot think of anyone in this town who deserves this more than they do!!

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