November's Good Neighbours

Don and Trina Lawrence | Pineview

Don and Trina are Mr. and Mrs. Halloween. They put their heart and soul and hours and hours of their time into putting on Howll’een Manor each year. The Howll’een Manor is a haunted house that is free of charge, but accepts donations for the Food Bank. Their enthusiasm inspires neighbours to get involved and everyone in the neighbourhood enjoys the ambience and scares for Halloween. They even have a daytime “no scare” walk through for adults and small children to enjoy. Trina also shovels our walks for us which is always appreciated

John and Dawn Johnson | Westpark

John and Dawn are our favorite neighbours! We love going to their house to visit. Dawn makes us delicious food and the tomatoes in her garden are the best. She even shares them with some of the other neighbours as well. They often takes us for long walks with our dog and spoil us with cuddles and fun. They have taken us for sleep overs when my mom and dad have had to work - I even got to spend 3 whole nights at their place when my little brother was born. I love living across the street from them because they are teaching me how to cross the street properly, as well as so many other things! I also know that my little brother will learn so much from them and love them as much as I do. They have had us over for suppers, made me mac & cheese for lunch which is so much fun and I cannot wait for my little brother to be old enough to join in on the fun.

John and Dawn are always willing to babysit and help my mommy and daddy with anything they need. We recently had a multi house garage sale that Dawn organized with our other neighbours and it was so much fun to spend time with everyone on our street. John drives a school bus and he brings home his bus some days. I can’t wait until I am big enough to ride on a school bus and I hope that one day John will be my bus driver. John and Dawn are so much more than just good neighbours to my brother and me, they are our Uncle and Auntie and our favorite and best neighbours.

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