Regional Transit Commission Enters Next Phase

The Regional Transit Services Commission (RTSC) Interim Board is working on two primary milestones for 2020; approval from The Government of Alberta to legally form the commission and the selection of a Chief Executive Officer (CEO). 

The RTSC Interim Board, made up of elected officials from the City of Beaumont, the Town of Devon, the City of Edmonton, the City of Fort Saskatchewan, the City of Leduc, the City of Spruce Grove, the City of St. Albert, and the Town of Stony Plain, continue to work closely with the Government of Alberta to legally form the Commission. The Board is both encouraged by progress made to date with the application and are looking forward to recruiting the founding CEO.

 “The CEO will work with the Board to create a strategic plan to guide the start-up and operations of the Commission. They will build their leadership team and surround themselves with talented leaders who can deliver on the vision and mission of the RTSC,” states St. Albert Councillor and board chair Wes Brodhead. 

“The integration of transit services from across the region and the future of mobility in the region is of great importance to the economic future of Fort Saskatchewan and the metropolitan region,” stated Councillor Gordon Harris. 

The Interim Board has hired a talent management firm to conduct the CEO search and could begin interviewing candidates as early as December. A final offer will be extended to the successful candidate pending the Province’s approval for the establishment of the Commission as a legal entity. The Board will work closely with the CEO to drive the success of the RTSC, which seeks to bring municipal transit services together for the benefit of one region. 

“Public transit is an essential part of the region’s economic growth, connecting people to jobs, education and training, and facilitating worker mobility. Transit also connects people to recreation, healthcare and other essential services, reducing social isolation and contributing to positive health outcomes for riders,” Councillor Brodhead explained. 

For more information about the RTSC, and the CEO job posting, please visit Regional Transit Services Commission - St. Albert or Regional Transit Services Commission - Edmonton.

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