Residential Duplex Fire

The City of Fort Saskatchewan Fire Department was alerted of a fire at 12:53 am at the Sienna neighbourhood. The fire crews arrived on scene within seven minutes at 1:00 am at 51 & 52 Catalina Court. Upon arrival, the fire was raging on the backside, roof and attic space of both homes.

Fire truck at a duplex fire

Both homes of the duplex suffered significant fire damage. The better part of each unit’s occupancy was destroyed by the fire with an estimated loss worth in excess of $750,000. A third neighbouring home suffered minor heat damage to some exterior vinyl siding.

Upon on initial inspection, it is believed that the fire started on the back deck of one of the homes. The fire was able to quickly spread and grow giving the home owners very limited time to escape from the fire as it breached the inside of both homes. Those impacted by the fire have made arrangement to stay with family. As of the writing of this release, Fire Service is still working to find one dog that still may be in one of the homes.

Eleven firefighters from the Fort Saskatchewan Fire Department supported by five firefighters from Strathcona County, with three fire trucks worked quickly to hold the fire. The 7 minute response time may not have been enough to save the duplex but it surely helped spare the neighbouring homes.