September's Good Neighbours

Ken & Yvette | Westpark

Submitted by: Jason and Tammy 

Ken & Yvette are not only great neighbours but they are great for our little crescent area. They talk to anybody walking by with their children or dogs and wave at everybody who drives by. They know almost everyone in the neighbourhood by name including the dogs! They take great pride in keeping their yard looking fabulous and it always does. When somebody does move into the neighbourhood it doesn’t take long for Yvette and Ken to introduce themselves.

We have a daughter who is 2 years old and to her they are Uncle Ken and Aunty Yvette. She loves going over to their place and knows exactly where the cookies are. She is always talking to Ken and Yvette through the fence and asks about them constantly. They are always there to babysit when we need them and Olivia loves spending time with them. We also have a three month old boy and they love him to pieces just as they do Olivia and their own grandchildren. Yvette is great with our kids and will always make time for them.

During the winter Ken is always out shoveling our sidewalks and driveway – it’s often hard to beat him to it but we try to return the favour when we do!

In the summer if we decide to go away for a weekend they are the first ones to offer to take care of our flowers, animals and keep an eye on the house. We have lived next to them for 6 years and could not ask for better neighbours.

Alexis | Westpark

Submitted by: Kelsey 

Alexis is the most kind-hearted selfless person you will ever meet! I would often come home to find her cutting our front lawn, weeding our garden and even planting flowers in our garden bed! In the winter, she often shovels our driveway and puts de-icer on our walks to ensure my family made it safely from the vehicle to the door. We run a business and Alexis knows how busy we can often be and just wants to help in the simplest way possible. She does not do any of these things for personal gain but simply because she is an amazing friend and kind person.

She has two children of her own, but treats all the neighbourhood kids, (mine and about a dozen more!) like they are her own. She offers to watch them when needed, provides juice and treats and has even taken mine to the spray park on hot days or set up the pool for them to play in in her yard. My family recently expanded with the addition of our third child and have since moved to a bigger property. I have never in my life had such an amazing neighbour and have made a lifelong friend in the two years living beside Alexis. It’s safe to say that no one will ever be able to fill her shoes and the people living in our previous home are so lucky to have Alexis as their new neighbour!

Ron & Lynne | City Centre

Submitted by: Stephanie 

In the winter of 2018, my husband was away for work up north and was only able to come home once a month for 2-3 days until eventually, it was just impossible for him to come home on a regular basis. Being alone with our two kids (5 and 2) and working as a nurse in Edmonton, I did not have a lot of time to spend taking care of things like shovelling. I’d try to find the time at 6 AM before I left for work or when I got home at 5 or 8 pm and sometimes I wasn’t able to get to it all. Ron often helped me out by plowing our walkways and made sure that the alleyway was clear after a big snow fall, so that our vehicles wouldn’t get stuck.

Lynne is always so caring and reassuring. They always have time to stop, ask how things are going and are willing to lend a hand if needed with the shovelling, knowing that my hands are always full. When Ron goes on a fishing trip, he will bring smoked fish to our place and over Christmas Lynne gave us a box full of home baked goods for the kids. They are the best neighbours anyone could ask for and I hope that their good deeds and good hearts will be recognized in our City, because people like this couple are rare.

Ron & Myles | Southfort

Submitted by: Ashley 

Ron and Myles are the best neighbours because they are so kind and considerate. They bring our kids gifts every holiday and they were the first people to welcome us to Fort Sask when we moved here 6 years ago. They are both genuine, kind hearted people.

Keith | Southfort

Keith is the type of guy who always lends a helping hand and over the past seven years, since we moved into our house, he has gotten to watch our kids grow up. Whenever we go on vacation he is always willing to watch the house and he took care of our lawn when I was recovering from surgery. The best thing about Keith is that when life sometimes gets you down he is always there to listen. 

Stephen  | City Centre

Submitted by: Serge 

Stephen welcomes all new neighbours to the neighbourhood and often invites the whole neighbourhood over for parties in his garage or for a BBQ. He is friendly, helps out with anything you may need, and often looks after our house when we are away. He is proud to live in Fort Saskatchewan and is a wonderful neighbour!

Aaron  | Westpark

Submitted by: Tracy and Kevin 

Aaron continually shows acts of kindness by always offering help and equipment to neighbours whether it's for landscaping, snow removal, garbage/compost or recycling collection. He provides neighbours with plants, food from his garden and his amazing homemade wine and beer. Aaron often offers to keep an eye on his neighbour’s homes while they are away, ensuring the safety and security of our families. He also holds us accountable and reminds us of our responsibility to drive safely, keep our property safe and follow city bylaws. Aaron is committed to protecting the environment and he is a great example for others. He goes the extra mile to compost, preserve water, reduce waste and provide help and opportunities for his neighbours to do the same. We never see Aaron without receiving a kind wave or friendly visit!

Jarrod  | Westpark

Submitted by: Liliana 

Jarrod is an outstanding neighbour! He often goes out of his way to shovel driveways during the winter! He does this for multiple houses in our entire cul-de-sac and I'm so thankful to Jarrod for making our lives extra easy on those cold, big snowfall days! I especially appreciate it because I have two little girls and I work full time, so when I come home after a long icy drive, it's a great surprise to see my driveway has been cleared!


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