Temporary Mandatory Face Covering Bylaw in effect for Fort Saskatchewan

Alberta Health Services confirmed today that Fort Saskatchewan has 15 active cases of COVID-19 thereby triggering the Mandatory Face Covering Bylaw C29-20 approved by Council on August 4. This applies to all individuals age 10 and over unless they meet exemption criteria.

As part of the City of Fort Saskatchewan’s ongoing efforts to stop the spread of COVID-19 and keep our community safe, Bylaw C29-20 requiring mandatory face coverings for people inside all public buildings, transit buses and enclosed bus shelters, and other forms of public transportation for hire is in effect.

The Bylaw does not apply to schools and other educational facilities; hospitals and health care facilities; child care facilities; or areas exclusively accessed or used by employees or the operators of a Public Transportation Vehicle, provided that physical barriers or physical distancing practices are implemented.

Others exempt in the Bylaw are persons who are unable to place, use, or remove Face Coverings without assistance; persons providing care or assistance to a person with a disability where a Face Covering would hinder that caregiving or assistance; persons consuming food or drink in designated seating areas or as part of a religious or spiritual ceremony; persons engaging in aquatic activities or physical exercise; or persons engaging in services that require the temporary removal of a Face Covering.

Mandatory face coverings for all City-run indoor facilities has been in effective since August 10, 2020.

The enactment of the Bylaw comes after the announcement from the province of voluntary measures for the Edmonton Zone. Which specifies that anyone living in or visiting the Edmonton Zone should:

 •  Limit their social and family gatherings to no more than 15 people;

 •  Wear non-medical masks in all indoor work settings, except when alone in workspaces such as offices or cubicles where at least two metres distanced from others;

 •  Limit their number of cohorts to no more than three:
        1. a core/household cohort
        2. a school/work cohort, and
        3. one additional sport, social or other cohort

The City’s website has details on suitable face coverings and FAQs on where and how the Bylaw impacts City services. The website is updated regularly with COVID-19 related information including links to Provincial and Federal support programs. For our local business community, we have created a COVID-19 Resources for Businesses page and will continually update it as more information is available.