How can I support local businesses?

The Support Your Fort initiative is working to help you support a community that supports you right back. By shopping, eating, and buying local, you can help Fort Saskatchewan stay the same city you love to live in.

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Woman sitting at a table in a restaurant
Eat local.

Dine at your favourite restaurant.
Get local takeout or delivery.
Shop at the Fort Farmers’ market.
Buy food from local grocery stores.

Lady shopping at a store
Shop local.

Buy goods from local shops.
Purchase local gift cards.
Renew a local annual pass or membership.
Choose local entertainment.

A man and woman sitting on a couch talking
Share local.

Review local businesses online.
Share positive experiences on social media.
Tell friends and family about local spots.
Follow local businesses on social media.

Man sitting at a computer listening to headphones.
Advocate local.

Hire someone local to help with tasks.
Volunteer with a local organization.
Donate your expertise to local business (e.g., legal, accounting, digital media consultation).
Sign up for local business newsletters and share promotions.

Find local spots that are open for business.

Check out our Business Directory for a list of local businesses

Get inspired by support stories from residents and local business owners.

Harold and Maxine
Harold and Maxine
Lauren and Diana
Lauran and Diana
Scott and Vicki
Scott and Vicki
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