Drowning Prevention Week

Welcome to National Drowning Prevention Week 2024 at Harbour Pool!

Harbour Pool is proud to announce its participation in Drowning Prevention Week from July 21 to July 27, 2024, coinciding with World Drowning Prevention Day on July 25. These events are part of a global initiative to address drowning, a significant but preventable cause of death worldwide.

The Importance of Drowning Prevention

Drowning is a silent epidemic that claims an estimated 236,000 lives annually, equating to nearly 650 deaths daily, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Over the past decade, this has resulted in over 2.5 million preventable deaths globally. In Canada, approximately 460 people drown each year, with children under five being particularly vulnerable. Drowning incidents occur in various settings, including rivers, bathtubs, pools, and even supervised areas.

Harbour Pool’s Commitment

At Harbour Pool, we recognize the urgent need to combat drowning and water related injuries and are dedicated to raising awareness and equipping our community with essential water safety skills. During Drowning Prevention Week and World Drowning Prevention Day, we have organized a series of activities and events to promote water safety:

  • Swim to Survive® Courses: From July 22 to 25, we offer 15-minute courses daily at 1:00 pm. These sessions, included in the cost of admission, teach critical survival skills such as treading water, swimming 50 metres, and safe entry into deep water. Participants of all ages and abilities are welcome, and everyone will be entered into a draw to win a water safety and Harbour Pool prize pack.
  • Water Safety Day: On Friday, July 26, join us for Water Safety Day featuring Buddy the Lifeguard Dog, the Lifesaving Society’s water safety mascot. Enjoy fun activities and win exciting prizes.

Lifesaving Society   Swim to Survive

Community Initiatives

  • Blue Lights at City Hall: Starting July 22, the City will illuminate the trees outside of City Hall with blue lights to recognize National Drowning Prevention Week.
  • Lifejacket Loaner Station: Harbour Pool offers a free lifejacket loaner station where community members can borrow lifejackets to enhance their safety around water.

Join Us and Make a Difference

Harbour Pool invites all community members to participate in our events and activities to promote water safety and reduce drowning incidents. This year's theme, "Anyone can drown, no one should," underscores our commitment to empowering individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to stay safe in and around water.

For more information on Harbour Pool's Drowning Prevention Week events and World Drowning Prevention Day activities, please visit facebook.com/FSHarbourPool.

About Harbour Pool

We are dedicated to promoting community health, wellness, and water safety. Offering a variety of programs and services, Harbour Pool is committed to creating a safe and enjoyable environment for all swimmers. Harbour Pool is an affiliate delivery partner of the Lifesaving Society of Alberta and the Northwest Territories.