2023 Entertainment

Afternoon Stage Entertainment (1-5pm)

Enjoy the talents of our local musicians and entertainers on the Legacy Park Bandshell stage.

Rebecca Lappa

Rebecca Lappa

Canadian pop singer-songwriter with a strong sense of melody and ability to write stick-in-your-head hooks. Often compared to Maggie Rogers and Charlotte Cardin, Rebecca demonstrates an insight beyond her years.

Rebecca Lappa Music

Wild Rose Old Tyme Fiddlers

Wild Rose Fiddlers

The Wild Rose Old Tyme Fiddlers Association exists to encourage, foster and develop an appreciation of Old Tyme Fiddle Music in a spirit of friendship, and to preserve this musical heritage for our generation and for future generations to enjoy.

Wild Rose Old Thyme Fiddlers Music

Benjamin Williams

Benjamin Williams

Experienced Freelance Musician working in the entertainment industry. Skilled in guitar playing, singing, musical theory, performance art and composition.

Benjamin Williams Music

Eric Yaremko

Eric Yaremko

Edmonton born Eric Yaremko set down his roots in the music scene with his first public performance at a local music festival in the summer of 2016. Since then he has grown as a singer and performer, delivering his soulful versions of well known hits from beloved artists like Stevie Nicks and Bruce Springsteen, as well as tunes written by local songwriters.

Eric Yaremko Music

Evening Stage Entertainment (7-10pm)

After a busy day of activities for all ages in Legacy Park, the evening entertainment takes the stage at 7 p.m. with a powerhouse, all-Canadian lineup that is sure to entertain.


Martin Kerr

Starting the evening entertainment is Nettwerk Artist, Martin Kerr who might be the only artist in the world to play more than 400 live shows during the pandemic when he launched Home Street Concerts to bring music and joy to the people who needed it most.

Martin has played at major festivals across Canada including the Edmonton Folk Festival and Vancouver Folk Festival. In a world where music is a readily available as running water, Kerr understands what audiences crave most is a personal, emotional experience.

Martin’s career highlights include a Canadian Album Chart Top 10, Billboard Album Chart 29, and Canadian Viral Hit #3. Martin has been featured on BBC Radio and looks forward to a busy concert season in 2023 with a new album coming out.

Connect with Martin Kerr at martinkerrmusic.com



Trevor Panczak

Trevor Panczak is an award winning country music entertainer from southern Alberta. His humour, smooth vocals, charming stage presence and energetic live show have all contributed to him becoming the headline act he is today. Canada’s 6’5” “Gentle Giant” is a singer/songwriter with farm roots and
country music in his blood.

Trevor's authenticity, talent and core values are synonymous with the spirit of country music and his professionalism, community mindedness, and approachability are some of the reasons audiences and event organizers come back for more. His achievements include 18 Country Music Alberta (CMAB) nominations, 1 Top 40 Canadian country hit - Where I Go to Come Back, 4 Top 50 Canadian country hits -For a Girl, Cheap Shades & Riverbank. Trevor also helped raise over $800,000.00 in the past 10 years for various charities.

Connect with Trevor on social media via trevortown.com


The Paperboys

The Paperboys are a Canadian treasure and a globe-touring sextet that, in a single set, can be counted on to stomp through Celtic reels, traditional Mexican folk, fiddle tunes, New Orleans brass band music, classic pop songcraft, bluegrass, and even a philosophical waltz or two, before bringing it all home with a Latino/West African singalong.

Formed in 1992, the heart of The Paperboys is a trio of gifted songwriters and musicians: Founder Tom Landa, a fedora-hatted bandleader who immigrated from Mexico to Canada in his teens; Kalissa Landa, a lifelong fiddler/vocalist with a preternatural command of melody; and Spirit of the West’s flautist/guitarist/vocalist Geoffrey Kelly, already a Canadian musical icon when he hopped on the P’boys bus in 1997.

Though by no means a jam band, The Paperboys reinvent their show every time they step onstage. Once the band agrees on the opening song, there is no set list. The song finishes, the crowd reacts, Landa reads the room, and the journey begins. The world has changed seismically since 1992, but The Paperboys fan base has stuck with the band and continues to grow.

Learn more at paperboys.com