Rent Harbour Pool

Rent the pool and have a party!

We have a party package that can include, decorations, and inflatables. All fees include GST and are subject to change.

To book your party, contact 780-992-6162.

Multi-Purpose Room (MPR) Only

Maximum capacity is 34 people
$31.75 Hourly

Harbour Pool Only

Number of PeopleHourly Rate
1-74 $169.00
75-124 $211.75
125-199 $254.50
200-246 $297.50
247-300 $340.00

Party Package

  • 1 hour pool time
  • 2 hour room rental
  • Slide (dependant on inflatable options)
  • Diving board
  • All toys available
  • Big inflatable(s)
  • Balloons, and
  • Party hats

Price: $262.50

Extra information

All Children under 8 years of age must be accompanied into the pool by a responsible person 14+ years of age or older and remain within arms reach.