Public Art

Public Art encourages people to take pride in public spaces and it can transform a community into a more welcoming and beautiful environment.

Art in Public Places

The Art in Public Places Program celebrates Fort Saskatchewan artists whose work will be a wonderful addition to the City's permanent collection. Learn more about Art in Public Places.

Around the City

Acres of Dreams

Statue of a family

Artist: Don and Shirley Begg
Location: 99 Avenue and 101 Street

The statue captures the hopes and dreams of settlers arriving off the train to start their new life.

Big Piece of the Puzzle

Big Piece of the Puzzle statue

Artist: Tom Hjoleifson
Location: 1875 River Valley Drive

This statue is dedicated to all the skilled trade workers in our community.


Currents colourful glass tile mural at City hall

Artist: William Frymire
Location: 10005 – 102 Street

A colourful glass tile mural in front of City Hall that pays tribute to the ebb and flow of the North Saskatchewan River.

Downtown Murals

Grow in Fort Saskatchewan

Grow in Fort Saskatchewan mural

Artist: Ashley Rosenow, Illustrious Interiors
Location: 8803 102 St

From the artist: "Each flower, plant, symbol was carefully selected to represent many of our newcomers in our city. Some elements that were included were the red rose, heliconia, letter "W" to represent Columbia, the peacock, lotus, letter "O" to represent India, the nightingale, wheat, cornflower, letter "G" to represent Ukraine, the sampaguita, anahaw leaf, letter "R" to represent the Philippines, the plum blossom to represent China, the Lapageria rosea to represent Chile, and lavender to represent Portugal. The sheep was also added as they have become a staple to Fort Saskatchewan for over 30 years."

In Bloom

In Bloom mural in Downtown Fort Saskatchewan

Artists: Thomas Brothers (Dave and Allan), Flying Colors Murals
Location: 9924 102 St Painted on the side of Twice but Nice

The Thomas brothers got their inspiration from the flowers growing at Legacy Park in the Downtown of Fort Saskatchewan. "These floral murals are here to remind us that the combinations of shapes and colors always look great. They reveal the beauty and immense power of nature. It is so playful, colourful and screams summertime. Pieces are the type that make you stare at for long periods of time, discovering new details in the extremely rich amusing floral work."

We All Belong

We All Belong mural in Downtown Fort Saskatchewan

Artist: Ashley Rosenow, Illustrious Interiors
Location: 100 Avenue near the corner of 102nd Street

Ashley Rosenow, the owner of Illustrious Interiors, says that this mural was made to promote cultural diversity, unity, and inclusivity.

Welcome to Fort Sask

Welcome to Fort Sask mural

Artist: Dave Thomas, Flying Colors Murals
Location: Corner of 102 Street and 99 Avenue

The concept of the mural is based on the classic “greetings from” postcards and was designed to not only welcome visitors into Downtown Fort Saskatchewan, but also act as a backdrop for visitors to snap a picture and share their adventures. Each letter in the mural celebrates local landmarks and scenes.

Every Child Matters

Every Child Matters

Artist: Ellie Lagrandeur, Local Indigenous artist
Location: 10005 102 Street Painted on the sidewalk outside Fort Saskatchewan City Hall

From the artist: “The City approached me to do a sidewalk mural. The Every Child Matters movement was the inspiration,” said Lagrandeur. “It’s all about promoting healing, for everybody. It’s not just for Indigenous culture, it’s for everybody. Every child matters. It doesn’t matter what child what culture, what country, what colour, it’s every child.”

Fort on the Saskatchewan

Fort on the Saskatchewan mural

Artist: Doug Driediger
Location: 100 Avenue between 101 and 102 Street

The mural highlights some of the key people and events of our history.

Inspector Jarvis

Inspector Jarvis bronze statue in the Spring

Inspector Jarvis bronze statue in the Winter

Artist: Don and Shirley Begg
Location: 100 Avenue between 100 and 101 Street

The life-sized bronze statue of Inspector Jarvis who chose the perfect spot for a new North West Mounted Police Fort in 1875.


Olive the sheep statue

Artist: Don and Shirley Begg
Location: 102 Street between 99 and 100 Avenue

Over 25 years of the Sheep Grazing Program in Fort Saskatchewan is showcased in a statue fondly named “Olive” after the longest serving member of the grazing crew.

Partners in Community Policing

Partners in Community Policing

Artist: Nathan Scott
Location: 200 Towncrest Road

This piece celebrates the partnership between the RCMP and Municipal Enforcement Services in keeping our community safe.

The Babysitter

The Babysitter bronze sculpture

Artist: Don and Shirley Begg
Location: 104 Street between 99 and 100 Avenue

The Babysitter is a life-sized bronze sculpture of a sheep dog guarding his lamb.

Water Tower

Fort Saskatchewan Water Tower

Location: 9421 101 St

The theme for the mural, a series of cartoon people holding hands around the circumference of the tank, was conceived by a 13-year-old girl from Fort Saskatchewan during a 1995 contest to give the 38-year-old water tower a facelift. It was then executed by the artist and an assistant over a 3-week period.

Each figure is from 14 to 17 feet high, including hats. The work had to be done from ladders tied to the railing of the catwalk 150 feet above the ground. Paints and equipment were hoisted up with a block and tackle. The most trying aspect of the project was the daily morning climb to the top of the tower. Its height is equivalent to a 15 story building with the last portion of the "open" ladder tilting backwards to meet the catwalk.

City Hall

Fabric of the Community

Fabric of the Community mosaic tiles

Artist: William Frymire
Location: 10005 – 102 Street (3rd Floor)

This piece is a diverse collection of mosaic tiles in four panels with intricate aluminum shapes that represent important elements of the community.

Open Road

Open Road painting

Artist: David Shkolny
Location: 10005 – 102 Street (1st Floor)

An acrylic painting that depicts a rural road among the lush fields near Fort Saskatchewan.


Propogate hand blown glass spheres

Artist: Keith Walker
Location: 10005 – 102 Street (2nd Floor)

This piece is made of hand blown glass spheres each unique in shape, size and colour.

River Valley

River Valley steel sculpture

Artist: William Johnson
Location: 10005 – 102 Street (1st Floor)

This steel sculpture captures the flight of an eagle soaring over the North Saskatchewan River near Fort Saskatchewan.