Visit the Sheep

The sheep of Fort Saskatchewan have been delighting visitors and keeping the grass trim in City parks for 26 years. If ewe haven't already heard, Fort Saskatchewan uses the flock as an eco-friendly way of looking after the parks.

The sheep are a delight to residents and visitors. It's quite the sight to see a shepherd and sheepdogs in the city, herding the flock of 50 warm, friendly, and fuzzy sheep.

You're welcome to come up close and meet the living lawnmowers. The quiet sheep love attention and you can expect the whole flock to surround you!

Check out our Sheep Visiting Guidelines for tips on how to make your visit enjoyable for our sheep too!

When are the sheep around?

First Saturday in June until the September Labour Day Long Weekend

Where can I find the sheep?

Fort Heritage Precinct, 10006 – 100 Avenue

Sheep Parades

Join us at the Return of the Sheep Parade on Saturday, June 6, 2020.

Join us at the Sheep Leaving Parade on Monday, September 7, 2020 to bid our woolly friends farewell!