Why Water Safety Matters

Fort Saskatchewan, nestled along the picturesque North Saskatchewan River, is a popular recreational and commercial boating hub. The city's proximity to numerous lakes and water bodies attracts many visitors during the warm summer months. However, water-related activities carry inherent risks. According to the Lifesaving Society, from 1999 to 2019, Alberta experienced an average of 30 fatal drownings each year, with an additional 180 non-fatal drownings requiring emergency attention annually. The impact of these tragedies on families and communities is profound and far-reaching.

Introducing the Lifejacket Loaner Station

Harbour Pool has partnered with the Lifesaving Society to bring in the Lifejacket Loaner Station program that will operate from May 18, 2024, to September 5, 2024. This initiative provides free lifejacket rentals, ensuring that all water-goers have access to essential safety gear. The station is conveniently located in front of Harbour Pool and offers lifejackets in various sizes, accommodating everyone from small children to adults. Each lifejacket is cleaned and inspected after use, guaranteeing safety for all users.

Key Features:

  • Accessibility: Open during reception desk hours, seven days a week, ensuring availability throughout the peak season.
  • Ease of Use: A simple sign-in and sign-out sheet will facilitate the borrowing process.
  • Safety Information: The station will provide educational materials to help users select the appropriate size and wear lifejackets correctly. 

Important: The owner/operator of this Lifejacket Loaner Station Program disclaims all responsibility for any injuries or damage that might occur to your person from any use of supplied equipment. The use of the supplied equipment does not replace or eliminate the need for active adult supervision and responsible behavior for the user in and around the water.

Impact on the Community

This program focuses particularly on protecting young children aged 1 to 4, who are at a higher risk of drowning. By providing easy access to lifejackets, the City of Fort Saskatchewan and the Lifesaving Society aim to promote safer boating practices and increase awareness of drowning prevention.

Residents and visitors are encouraged to borrow lifejackets at no cost, and adhere to additional safe boating practices, such as completing a safe boating course and avoiding alcohol consumption while in, on and around the water especially while operating a boat.

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Get Involved and Stay Safe

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