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Located on the banks of the North Saskatchewan River, Fort Saskatchewan is a vibrant economic hub that caters to a wide range of diverse industries. Find the perfect engineering, technician, or trade role here and take your career to the next level. Come to the place where energy is booming and innovation thrives—apply for a job right here in the City of Fort Saskatchewan.

Build a life where you’re building your career.

Explore your professional future in a clean, well-kept community packed with events and amenities. Local schools and extracurriculars support your family’s success, while quality health care and affordable housing make life here feel more secure. Build a professional and personal life in the same place and see how good that life can be.

What are the top jobs in Fort Saskatchewan?

Fort Saskatchewan offers careers in a wide range of industries. These are just the 10 most popular:

  1. Construction Millwright and Industrial Mechanic
  2. Petroleum, Gas, and Chemical Process Operator
  3. Power Engineer and Power Systems Operator
  4. Manufacturing
  5. Mechanical, Civil, and Chemical Engineer
  6. Healthcare
  7. Retail Trade
  8. Accommodation and Food Service
  9. Transportation and Warehousing
  10. Industrial Instrumentation and Technicians 

Who are the biggest employers in Fort Saskatchewan?

Fort Saskatchewan is home to major employers across several sectors, thanks to our strategic location and business-friendly climate that help increase their chances of success. Here are some of the highest-employing companies who are proud to call our region home:

  1. Dow
  2. Sherritt
  3. Shell
  4. Keyera
  5. Plains Midstream
  6. Nutrien
  7. Pembina
  8. InterPipeline Limited
  9. United Safety

How much can I make in Fort Saskatchewan?

The Fort offers high pay potential with a median personal annual income of $52.8K and an annual household income of $120K. Thanks to our industry partners, you’ll also pay less in property tax, meaning you get more home for less money.

What does life look like in Fort Saskatchewan?

Life is good here. Just 20 minutes northeast of Edmonton, Fort Saskatchewan is a small city with a big town feeling. We’re an active community with a high quality of life—and a slower pace that’s friendly to professionals and families. Enjoy shopping, dining, entertainment, and recreational activities year-round.

Find your freedom in the Fort.

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We have the answers to all your questions about neighbourhoods, schools, extracurricular activities, public transit, and much more. Send your questions about Fort Saskatchewan to or call 780-997-6674.