2024 Aquatics Question

Count Yourself In - Aquatics Question

The 2024 Census is now complete

The Fort Saskatchewan Municipal Census is a crucial tool for planning programs and services for our growing community. Every person counts when it comes to receiving Provincial funding.

This year, Council sought to understand the level of support for building a new aquatics facility at the Dow Centennial Centre to replace Harbour Pool. A question was added to the Census to allow each household to provide a response.

Next Steps

With 69.7% of households who responded to the census question expressing their support and subsequent approval by City Council, the City of Fort Saskatchewan is set to start the design of a new aquatics facility located at the Dow Centennial Centre.

Initial Steps

The next step involves preparing and approving a $5.4 million borrowing bylaw, targeted for the August 27, 2024, Council Meeting. This fund will cover the early stages of the project, which include hiring key consultants and assembling a design and construction management team. Design efforts are slated to commence in January 2025.

Community Engagement and Design

The design phase will provide opportunities for public input, focusing on preferred facility amenities. This collaborative approach helps ensure the facility meets Fort Saskatchewan residents' diverse needs and expectations.

Continued Service

Throughout the design and construction phases, Harbour Pool will remain open to ensure that community members continue to have access to aquatic services.