2021 Annexation

This annexation was approved by the Province under Order in Council 363/2021 on December 8, 2021. There was no MGB Board Order for the road as it was an uncontested annexation.

View the Order in Council 363/2021

Portion of Range Road 223 Annexation

The City of Fort Saskatchewan submitted an Annexation Application to the Municipal Government Board (MGB) on June 3, 2021 for a portion of Range Road 223. This annexation is supported by Strathcona County and there are no known objections to the annexation proposal. If successful, the City of Fort Saskatchewan will annex a portion of Range Road 223 as shown on the map below.

Proposed Annexation Area Map for Range Road 223

Proposed Annexation Area Map - Range Road 223
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Application materials

1.1 Executive Summary

1.2 Annexation Principles

2.1 Notice of Intent

2.2 Notification Letters to Local Authorities

2.3 Notification Letters to Other Authorities

2.3 Response from Alberta Transportation

2.4 Application Notification to Letters Local Authorities

2.5 Application Notification Letters to Other Authorities

3.1 Annexation Area Map

4.1 Report on Negotiations between Municipalities

4.2 Public Engagement Summary

5.1 City of Fort Saskatchewan March 23, 2021 Council Meeting Minutes

5.2 Strathcona County May 18, 2021 Council Meeting Minutes

5.3 City of Fort Saskatchewan May 25, 2021 Council Meeting Minutes

6.1 Certificate of Titles

7.1 Mailing List

8.1 2018 Financial Impact Report (Addendum)


What is an Annexation Application?

It is a boundary adjustment request to the Municipal Government Board (MGB) by a municipality. Adjusting the boundary means the requesting municipality incorporates land from an adjacent municipality or municipalities into its jurisdiction. Approval of the application by the MGB would result in land within the application area changing jurisdiction from Strathcona County (County) to the City of Fort Saskatchewan (City).

What is the Municipal Government Board (MGB)?

The MGB is a quasi-judicial board created by the Province to process and make recommendations to the Minister of Municipal Affairs regarding annexation applications. More information about the MGB.

How much land is in the annexation application?

The annexation request is to annex a portion of Range Road 223 that is west of Section 34, Township 54, Range 22, West of the 4th Meridian as shown on the Proposed Annexation Area Map. The length of road being requested is 1.6km (1 mile) by 20m (66ft) wide.

Why is the City annexing this portion of the range road?

The road is adjacent to the City’s light industrial business park area and will provide important access. The City and the County agreed to upgrade this portion of the road to the City’s engineering standards. Annexing the road into the  City’s municipal boundary would provide the greatest certainty and clarity for adjacent property owners and both municipalities for the long term management and operations for this upgraded portion of the range road.

How do I participate in the process?

The MGB will provide notice of a Hearing to allow landowners & stakeholders to speak directly to the Board on any matters relating to the Annexation Application submitted by the City of Fort Saskatchewan.

Outside of the hearing process, please contact Dean McCartney, Manager Development Planning to provide comments or ask questions. Ph: 780-992-6234 or E: dmccartney@fortsask.ca.