The City of Fort Saskatchewan submitted an Annexation Application to the Municipal Government Board on April 17, 2019. This annexation is supported by Strathcona County through the Alliance Agreement signed by the two municipalities on September 8, 2018. If successful, the City of Fort Saskatchewan will annex 952 hectares of land to provide for about 35 years of future growth for the community.

Application materials

Executive Summary

Application align with MGB Annexation Principles

1.0 Notice of Intent

1.1 Notification Letters to Local Authorities

1.2 Notification of Intent to Other Authorities

1.3 Letter to Local Authorities

1.4 Letter to Other Authorities

2.i Expansion Area Map

2.ii Notice of Intent Schedule

3.0 Growth & Annexation Policies

3.i City of Fort Saskatchewan MDP - Section 6

3.i City of Fort Saskatchewan MDP - Section 14

3.ii Strathcona County MDP - Section 2

3.ii Strathcona County MDP - Section 6

4.i Financial Impact Report (Addendum)

4.ii 2015 Growth Study

5.i Alliance Exploration Agreement

5.ii Conditions of Annexation

5.iii(a) Report on Negotiations

5.iii(b) Public Engagement Summary

5.iii(c) Mitigation Report

6.i City of Fort Saskatchewan September 11, 2018 Council Meeting Minutes

6.ii Strathcona County September 11, 2018 Council Meeting Minutes

6.iii City of Fort Saskatchewan April 9, 2019 Council Meeting Minutes

8.ii Parcels Map

Additional resources

Strathcona County Negotiated Annexation Alliance Agreement page

What is an Annexation Application?
It is a boundary adjustment request that is made by one municipality to the Municipal Government Board (MGB). Approval of the application by the MGB would result in properties within the application area changing jurisdiction from Strathcona County to the City of Fort Saskatchewan. Annexation does not affect ownership rights.
What is the Municipal Government Board (MGB)? 
The MGB is a quasi-judicial board created by the Province to process and make recommendations to the Minister of Municipal Affairs regarding annexation applications. Find out more information about the MGB.
How much land is in the annexation application?

The area is approximately 952 hectares which will accommodate growth for the City of Fort Saskatchewan for an estimated 35 years. 

Why is this annexation needed?

In 2015, The City of Fort Saskatchewan conducted a Growth Study and presented the results to Strathcona County.

Key Findings:

  • The 2015 Growth Study showed that the existing supply of developable land would last approximately 12 – 16 years; and
  • In roughly 6 – 8 years, all but one of the residential developments would be completely built out. Essentially, in less than ten years.

The full report and the process that followed is available in the Annexation Application documentation.

You can also find more information on the Annexation process up until now on our page Annexation: How did we get here?

How do I participate in the process? 

The MGB will provide notice of a Hearing to allow landowners & stakeholders to speak directly to the Board on any matters relating to the Annexation Application submitted by the City of Fort Saskatchewan.

Outside of the hearing process, please contact Dean McCartney, Manager Development Planning to provide comments or ask questions.


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