The Province of Alberta has provided notification of approval for the Fort Saskatchewan annexation application effective January 1, 2020. We look forward to getting to know our new residents in the weeks, months and years ahead.

Here is some basic information about the services in Fort Saskatchewan. Where possible, we have provided links to the appropriate section of our website. A City directory is also available if you have further questions.


Applications, Licenses and Permits

Check out our Application, Licenses and Permits page for information on what permits or licences are required within the City of Fort Saskatchewan. You can also call Planning and Development at 780-992-6198 or send them an email.

The City's Business License Bylaw requires all businesses operating within our community to hold a valid Business Licence. A business license serves as a confirmation that a business agrees to comply with local laws and regulations as well as provincial and federal legislation. Licences are valid for up to one year, expiring on December 31st. Information is available on our Business Licenses page or by calling 780-992-6227.

Emergency and Protective Services


Fire Department

The Fort Saskatchewan Fire Department responds to all fire and some medical calls within City limits (including the newly annexed area). The Walter Thomas Fire Station is located at 10099 - 93 Avenue, Fort Saskatchewan.

For all other inquiries including burning permits, call 780-998-4858.


Policing services in Fort Saskatchewan are provided by the RCMP. For all policing information and questions call our non-emergency/administration line at 780-997-7900 or to file a complaint, please call 780-992-6100.

Municipal Enforcement

Municipal Enforcement Services (Peace Officers/Bylaw) is open daily from 8:00am to 7:00pm. Inquiries can be directed to 780-997-7930.

Fort Report

Resident concerns can be submitted on The question or concern will go directly to the appropriate department for a response.

Snow Clearing

The annexation area falls under Priority 4 for snow clearing. Snow is plowed with a plow truck and ditches are winged as necessary.

Snow clearing prioritization and maps.


For your 2020 property taxes, and in each subsequent year up to and including December 31, 2049, your property and any assessable improvements to it will be taxed by the City of Fort Saskatchewan using the lower of:

  • the municipal tax rate established by Strathcona County, or
  • the municipal tax rate established by City of Fort Saskatchewan,

so long as you do not change the designation of your land, apply for subdivision or separation of title or request connection to City water and sewer services (exception for Pointe Aux Pins residents). More information on the agreed annexation taxation process can be requested by calling Planning and Development at 780-992-6234.

Electronic Payment Plan

The Fort Electronic Payment Plan is a convenient way to pay utility bills and taxes.

The plan divides your annual property taxes into 12 equal monthly payments which are automatically withdrawn from your chequing account on the 15th of each month.

To set up pre-authorized payments you must complete the Fort Electronic Payment Plan Agreement and drop off the form, with a void cheque, to Fort Saskatchewan City Hall.

Call the City’s Financial Services Department at 780-992-6228 at any time with your tax questions.

Upgrading Township Road 543

Concerns were raised regarding Township Road 543related to traffic, speeding, narrow road, lack of pedestrian trail and lack of lighting. Design work is underway to upgrade the roadway to a 9.0 m Rural Standard roadway with a pedestrian trail and street lighting from the intersection of Westpark Drive to the DOW Ball Fields entrance. Construction is scheduled for the 2020 construction season. Strathcona County is contributing funds from the annexation agreement to the project.


Electricity Provider

Electricity is distributed by FortisAlberta under an exclusive franchise agreement with the City; the City does not charge a franchise fee.

Council gave first reading to Bylaw C8-19 in July which establishes FortisAlberta’s exclusive right to provide an electric distribution service within the legal boundaries of the City of Fort Saskatchewan.

We have identified seven customers in the annexation area who will be impacted by Bylaw C8-19 and some have already been in touch with us.

FortisAlberta will be available at the Information Session on January 23 at the Shell Theatre to answer questions or you can call the City at 780-992-6184.


Annexed households with water supplied by Strathcona County through the water commission will need to set-up an account with the City of Fort Saskatchewan before February 1, 2020. Utility rates will be as per the City's Fees & Charges Bylaw. Billing for the Pointe-Aux-Pins Water Co-op will transfer to the City at the same time and no immediate changes to Pointe-Aux-Pins residents will occur. Possible connection to the City’s system is being considered separately.

Waste Organics and Recycling Collection

Annexed households that currently use Strathcona County’s waste cart system will need to set-up an account with the City of Fort Saskatchewan before February 1, 2020. Utility rates will be as per the City’s Fees & Charges Bylaw.

Strathcona County carts will be removed and replaced with Fort Saskatchewan carts following your Green Organics Cart collection on January 31 and your Black Garbage Cart collection on February 7. Residents need to ensure their Strathcona County carts are out and accessible for collection by Fort Saskatchewan staff on these days. Please note, your collection schedule will change. Point-Aux-Pins and area will be scheduled for Wednesday A, all others Thursday A. Check out our Waste page to check out your zone's collection schedule. More information will be available at the January 23 Information Session.

If your household does not currently receive waste collection from Strathcona County, you will be required to subscribe to this service no later than January 1, 2021. Customers are able to subscribe at any point throughout the year. Under the City’s Waste Bylaw, all households are required to subscribe to the collection service. An account will be automatically created for those households that have not done so before the end of 2020.

For any questions or concerns, please call our Waste Hotline at 780-992-6218.

Transfer Station

You will continue to have access as before to the City’s Waste Transfer Station and Recycle Depot, located at 8609 – 111 Street, Fort Saskatchewan.