Assessment Review Board

To ensure property owners and assessed persons have a voice in the property assessment system, the Municipal Government Act has set out a complaints and appeals system for property owners who have concerns about their assessment. More information on filing a complaint or talking to an assessor is available on our Property Assessment page.

The purpose of the Assessment Review Board is to hear and deal with complaints about property tax assessments as received by the Assessor.

Assessment complaints within the City of Fort Saskatchewan are managed by the Capital Region Assessment Services Commission (CRASC) also referred to as the Assessments Complaints Manager. The Assessment Complaints Manager is the designated officer appointed by Council (Bylaw C7-20).

The Capital Region Assessment Services Commission in consultation with the City, must appoint at least three Members from the list of individuals adopted by Council resolution to the Local Assessment Review Board (collectively referred to on this page as the “ARB”). ARB members are responsible for adjudicating complaints and must be properly appointed and meet the necessary training requirements.

Frequency of meetings are on an as-needed basis, with most occurring in July – October. Flexibility is required as schedules and time commitments may vary.

Additional information

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