Vibrant Downtown Workshop

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The City of Fort Saskatchewan is looking for creative, industrious, passionate people who are interesting in contributing to Downtown's future.

Why is Downtown important to Fort Saskatchewan?

It provides identity and civic pride

  • Downtown Fort Saskatchewan is like no other place in the country. The history, the public spaces, the distinctive businesses, and one-of-a-kind events all give Fort Saskatchewan our unique identity.

It is the community’s gathering place

  • Downtown is the one neighbourhood that is shared by the community. Cafés, restaurants, shops, activities, events and festivals, make downtown a destination for celebrating and socializing outside of your home or workplace.

Our City’s “first impression”

  • Usually, the first place a visitor, tourist or an investor will visit is a community’s downtown.
  • It can leave a positive or negative “first impression” depending on the vitality of the neighbourhood.

Opportunity for small, local businesses

  • Lower rents, a variety of rental property and the unique environment offers our local small businesses a different option to shopping malls, big-box and strip centers.

Efficient land use form

  • Downtown provides a mix of residential, commercial and institutional uses in a very compact amount of land

Economic Benefit

  • Downtown is a relatively small commercial district that provides a high concentration of jobs, economic activity, retail spending, and tax revenue.

Has Downtown realized its full potential?

  • Downtown is a great community asset. How are we doing based on the vision that was developed 10 years ago?
  • If the answer to this question is “more work to do”, how do we, as a community, achieve our goals and expectations for Downtown.
  • Emphasis will be placed on the “How”.
    • How do we achieve our goal?
    • How do we turn a great idea into a tangible, impactful action? (Ie. Prototyping)
    • How do we get from dream to reality?

Worshop information

You can take part in one of two workshops, designed to generate ideas, interest and ownership in improving Downtown Fort Saskatchewan. Provide your input, generate ideas, and build them into tangible examples of how they could look, feel, and operate.

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