2021 Municipal Election

Election Day is Monday, October 18th, 2021.

Interested in running for office or working the election?

Contact us at: elections@fortsask.ca or 780-992-6200


Official candidates are listed below.

Mayoral Candidates
CandidateContact Information
Deanna Lennox

Ph: 780-909-2487
Email: deanna@lennoxformayor.ca 
Website: lennoxformayor.ca

Gale Katchur Ph: 780-998-3572
Email: wkatchur@shaw.ca 
Councillor Candidates
CandidateContact Information
Birgit Blizzard Ph: 780-996-5406
E-mail: Vote4Blizzard@shaw.ca
Brian Kelly Ph: 780-991-4575
Email: bdkca@shaw.ca
Charles Simpson Ph: 780-667-5280
Email: charlesedwardsimpson@gmail.com
Dennis Thompson Ph: 780-231-8301
Email: info@dennisthompson.ca 
Website: DennisThompson.ca
Frank Garritsen Ph: 780-266-1911
Email: fg.fortsask@gmail.com
Gordon Harris Ph: 780-934-4903
Email: gcharris@telus.net
Website: gordonharris.ca
Greg Richardson Ph: 780-920-6285
Email: greg@eaglerock.ca
Website: VoteGregRichardson.ca
Jibs Abitoye Ph: 780-200-6863
Email: info@ajibolaabitoye.com
Lisa Makin Ph: 780-340-0054
Email: lisamakin82@gmail.com
Website: makinforcouncil.com
Michelle Kyle Ph: 506-608-1119
Email: michellekyle227@gmail.com
Mike Ferris Ph: 780-217-6620
E-mail: electmferris@gmail.com
Patrick Noyen Ph: 780-240-9875
Email: noyenp@gmail.com
Stuart McGowan Ph: 780-999-6844
Email: stuartLM1956@gmail.com 


Voting Stations

Voting stations open at 9:00 a.m. and will remain open until 8:00 p.m. When the voting station is declared closed at 8:00 p.m., any Elector in the voting station who wishes to vote shall be permitted to do so, but no other person shall be allowed to enter the voting station.

Voting Station Locations

For the purpose of a municipal election the City typically has multiple Voting Stations. Each Voting Station shall serve a specific portion of the City.

View the Voting Station Locations Map

Institutional Voting Stations
Thursday, October 14, 2021 Rivercrest Care Centre
10104 – 101 Avenue
9 am – 12 Noon
Friday, October 15, 2021 Dr. Turner Lodge
9422 – 94 Avenue
9 am – 12 Noon

Elector Eligibility

A person is eligible to vote in the municipal election if the person:

  1. is at least 18 years old;
  2. is a Canadian citizen; and
  3. resides in Alberta, and is a resident of the City on Election Day.

Every person who arrives at a voting station for the purpose of voting shall verify their eligibility to vote by completing a Voting Register. Once the Voting Register is completed, the Elector will then be given a ballot.

Elector identification will be required for the municipal election. The identification requirement sets a uniform standard of one piece of picture identification or one piece of identification authorized by the Chief Electoral Officer under the Election Act.

Elector Identification Eligibility Requirements

The LAEA establishes the requirements for verification of an Elector’s identity and current residence, as stated in the signed Voting Register. The Elector must produce one piece of photo identification with their name and address, issued by a Canadian government (federal, provincial, local, or an agency thereof), or one piece of identification authorized by the Chief Electoral Officer under the Election Act, including the Elector’s name and address.

Any of the following documents that include the Elector’s name and address on it will be accepted as valid proof:

  • Photo identification issued by a Canadian government or agency, whether federal, provincial or local;
  • Bank/credit card statement or personal cheque;
  • Correspondence issued by a school, college or university;
  • Government cheque or cheque stub;
  • Income/property tax assessment notice;
  • Insurance policy or coverage card;
  • Letter from a public curator, public guardian or public trustee;
  • Pension Plan statement of benefits, contributions or participation;
  • Residential lease or mortgage statement;
  • Statement of government benefits: e.g. employment insurance, old-age security, social assistance, disability support, or child tax benefit;
  • Utility bill: e.g. phone, public utilities commission, television, electricity, gas or water;
  • Vehicle ownership, registration or insurance certificate; or
  • A letter or form confirming that the person lives at the stated address. The letter can be signed by any of the following:
    • authorized representative of a commercial property management company;
    • authorized representative of a correctional institution;
    • authorized representative of a First Nations band or reserve;
    • authorized representative of a post-secondary institution;
    • authorized representative of a facility that provides services to the homeless; or
    • authorized representative of a supportive living facility or treatment centre.

Special Ballots

The City will be providing special ballots, which gives Electors who are physically incapable or absent from the jurisdiction, the option to mail in or drop off their ballot. Special ballots provide another avenue for Electors to exercise their right in the democratic process.

To vote using a special ballot, Electors who meet the criteria may apply to the Returning Officer. Requests may be made once Council authorizes the use of special ballots. Electors can request a special ballot anytime before the election – up to and including 4:30 p.m. on Election Day. Requests for Special Ballots are logged and once ballots are available, the packages are mailed out or picked up by the Elector.

NOTE: It is the Elector’s responsibility to return the ballot by 4:30 p.m. on Election Day.

In order to apply for a special ballot, an Elector must meet specific criteria, including but not limited to, being unable to vote at an advance vote or at the voting station on Election Day because of:

  1. physical incapacity;
  2. absence from the local jurisdiction; or
  3. being a Returning Officer, Deputy Returning Officer, Constable, Candidate, Official Agent or Scrutineer who may be located on Election Day at a voting station other than that for the Elector’s place of residence.

A request for a special ballot may be made by any one of the following methods:

  1. mailed to 10005 102 Street, Fort Saskatchewan, AB T8L 2C5 Attn: Director, Legislative Services;;
  2. by telephone to 780-992-6200;
  3. by fax machine 780-998-4774;
  4. dropped off in person to 10005 102 Street, Fort Saskatchewan, AB T8L 2C5; or
  5. by e-mail to elections@fortsask.ca.

A Candidate may request a list of the names and addresses of those Electors who have applied and been provided with special ballots.


Unofficial Election Results

Following the close of Voting Stations at 8:00 p.m., unofficial election results will be available for the convenience of Candidates and the public through the following sources:

  1. City Hall lobby, 10005 – 102 Street, Fort Saskatchewan
  2. City website, located at fortsask.ca/election

These sources will be updated throughout the evening as results are received from the Voting Stations. As it is difficult to determine when the unofficial election results will be available, your patience is appreciated while election staff work towards providing timely and accurate results.

Official Election Results

At noon on Friday, October 22, 2021, the Returning Officer will post the official election results at City Hall and on the City’s website.


Recounts before Official Results

If required, recounts called immediately after Election Day must be completed before the posting of the official election results. Therefore, recounts must be completed before noon on Friday, October 22, 2021.

Returning Officer Recount

On the Tuesday following Election Day, the Returning Officer will examine the results from every Voting Station in conjunction with the unofficial results. A recount may be conducted if the Returning Officer believes there has been an administrative or technical error made.

Candidate or Agent Recount Request

A Candidate, Official Agent or Scrutineer may request a recount by submitting a notice to the Returning Officer within 44 hours (4:00 p.m. Wednesday, October 20, 2021) of the close of Voting Stations. The notice must show grounds, which the Returning Officer considers reasonable to allege that the results of the count may be inaccurate.

Candidate Notification on Recount

Candidates who are affected by a recount will receive at least 12 hours’ notice of the recount.

Recount Procedures

The procedure for a recount will be the same as for Election Day. After completion of the recount, the ballot account will be adjusted if necessary.

Information for Candidates


Download the Candidate Information Package

COVID-19 Campaigning & Canvassing Guidelines

Candidates are responsible to ensure they are in compliance with the Local Authorities Election Act.

Candidate Questions & Responses

In order to hold fair and impartial elections, this section contains information that has been requested by other candidates along with their responses, which would provide value to all candidates in preparation for the upcoming municipal election.

Request for a breakdown on the 2017 voter turnout per voting station on election day

Voting station locationNumber of votes
Legion 1,744
James Mowatt 2,072
Dow Centennial Centre 2,339
Election Day Total 6,155

Request for statistics on the Mayor’s vote

The overall breakdown for the Mayor’s vote (includes advance voting, special ballots, institutional voting, and election day voting) is:

Voting station locationGaleArjunJudy
Legion 982 723 39
James Mowatt 1,199 817 56
DCC 1,211 1,081 47
Advance - DCC 277 238 18
Advance - DCC 223 248 7
Institutional 1 1 0
Institutional 34 13 1
Institutional 8 2 2
Special Ballots 24 25 1
Total 3,959 3,148 171

Qualification of a Candidate

Section 21 of the LAEA outlines qualifications of a Candidate. Eligibility requirements for a person to be nominated as a Candidate on Nomination Day (from January 1, 2021 to noon on September 20, 2021) include:

  1. The potential Candidate is eligible to vote in the election, when the Candidate:
    1. is at least 18 years old,
    2. is a Canadian citizen, and
    3. resides in the City on Election Day;
  2. The potential Candidate has lived in the City for 6 consecutive months (March 18, 2021) immediately before Nomination Day; and
  3. The potential Candidate is not otherwise ineligible or disqualified.

The Nomination Paper and Candidate Acceptance (Form 4) must be completed and requires the Candidate to sign an affidavit confirming:

  1. that they are eligible to be elected;
  2. will accept the office if elected; and
  3. have reviewed the LAEA.

The Candidate must swear or affirm the affidavit before the Returning Officer or a Commissioner for Oaths and return the form to the Returning Officer.

The nominated Candidate is responsible for ensuring that the nomination paper filed is fully completed and meets the requirements of the LAEA. If a nomination is challenged, the courts will assess eligibility.

In accordance with Section 151 of the LAEA it is an offence for a Candidate to sign a Candidate’s Acceptance Form that contains a false statement, which is subject to a fine of up to $1,000.

Ineligibility for Nomination as a Candidate

Sections 22 and 23 of the LAEA provide an overview of instances when a person is ineligible to be nominated as a Candidate in a municipal election. Some of those instances include when:

  1. the person is an auditor for the City;
  2. the person is an employee of the City, unless that person takes a leave of absence;
  3. the person’s City property taxes are more than $50 in arrears, not including current taxes or previous taxes addressed in a consolidation agreement;
  4. the person owes the City any amount exceeding $500 for more than 90 days; or
  5. the person has, within the previous 10 years, been convicted of an offence under the LAEA, the Election Act, the Election Finances and Contributions Disclosure Act or the Canada Elections Act.

As this information does not detail all instances of ineligibility, Candidates are responsible for consulting the LAEA. It is the Candidate’s responsibility to ensure they are eligible for nomination.


Nomination Day

Nomination Day for the offices of Mayor, Councillor, Public School Trustee and Catholic School Trustee is Monday, September 20, 2021. The Candidate may file their nomination papers any time between January 1, 2021 until 12:00 noon on September 20, 2021.

Nomination Form

Every nomination of a Candidate shall be completed through the submission of a Nomination Paper and Candidate’s Acceptance. Each nomination form must be fully completed, and include the signatures of at least 5 eligible Electors. To ensure validity of nominations, a Candidate may submit more than the required 5 Electors’ signatures. If a nomination is not signed by at least 5 Electors, the Returning Officer cannot accept the form.

The City does not collect a deposit to file nomination papers.

Download the Candidate Nomination Package

Filing of Nomination Papers

Nominations for the offices of Mayor and Councillor will be accepted by appointment with the the Returning Officer beginning on January 1, 2021 until 12:00 noon on September 20, 2021. Nomination forms are to be filed with Legislative Services by appointment at City Hall located at 10005 – 102 Street, Fort Saskatchewan. Alternatively, completed nomination forms may be mailed or couriered to City Hall, attention to the Returning Officer. The Returning Officer is unable to accept nominations before January 1, 2021 or after 12:00 noon on Nomination Day. Facsimiles and electronically submitted copies will not be accepted.

After 12:00 noon on Nomination Day, any person may make a request to examine the filed nomination papers by contacting the Returning Officer to make arrangements.

School Trustee nomination forms are not accepted by the City of Fort Saskatchewan. They must be delivered to the appropriate School Board Returning Officer.

The Candidate is responsible for ensuring that the nomination filed meets the requirements of the LAEA.

Withdrawal of Nomination Papers

Within 24 hours of the close of Nomination Day at 12:00 noon on September 20, 2021, a Candidate may withdraw their nomination, provided that more than 1 Candidate for Mayor or 6 Candidates for Councillors have been nominated. The Returning Officer is unable to accept a withdrawal if it would result in less than the required number of Candidates for that office.

If a Candidate wishes to withdraw their nomination papers, a written notice must be provided to the Returning Officer no later than 12:00 noon, September 21, 2021.

Election by Acclamation

If at the close of Nomination Day at 12:00 noon on September 20, 2021, the number of Candidates nominated for any office is the same as the number required to be elected, the Returning Officer shall declare the Candidates to be acclaimed to the offices for which they were nominated.


Additional Resources for Candidates

Council Code of Conduct Bylaw
This bylaw establishes a Code of Conduct for members of City Council.

Elections Bylaw
This bylaw provides for the authorization, processes, and other details necessary for conducting a municipal election in the City of Fort Saskatchewan.

Election Signage Bylaw
This bylaw provides for the authorization, processes, and use of election signs on public land within the City of Fort Saskatchewan.

Election Campaign Provisions Policy
This policy aims to ensure all candidates have access to the same information and are treated equally, and to establish guidelines for the appropriate use of City of Fort Saskatchewan facilities and resources during an election campaign.


Please note: Some fillable PDF forms do not open properly on some mobile devices and web browsers. To fill in and save the form:

  1. Save the PDF form to your computer – click or right-click the link and download the form.
  2. Open the PDF form with Adobe Reader. Fill it in and save it.

Campaign Disclosure Statement and Financial Statement

Campaign Worker Proof of Identification

Enumerator, Candidate, or Official Agent Proof of Identification for Section 52 Access

Nomination Paper and Candidate's Acceptance

Release of Candidate Information

Release of Official Agent Information

Request for Special Ballot Package

Statement of Scrutineer of Official Agent

Municipal Election Worker Application

We are no longer accepting applications for the 2021 Municipal Election. Thank you to everyone who has applied!

Senate Election

The Order in Council and Writ of Election for the 2021 Alberta Senate Election was issued on June 23, 2021, to hold an election to select 3 Senate nominees who may be summoned to the Senate of Canada, to fill a vacancy or vacancies relating to Alberta. The Senate Election will take place on October 18, 2021, in conjunction with the 2021 Alberta Municipal Elections.

Senate Candidates can be found on the Elections Alberta website.

Provincial Referendum

Albertans will be able to vote on matters of public interest during the fall 2021 Municipal Election. When Albertans head to the polls for the municipal election on October 18, 2021, they'll also be able to vote on whether:

  • to remove the principle of equalization payments from Canada's constitution
  • Alberta should remain on Daylight Saving Time (summer hours) year-round

More information is available on the Government of Alberta website.

Previous Elections

The last Municipal Election was held Monday, October 16, 2017.


Eligible Voters: 19623

To be elected: 1Votes%
Gale Katchur 3960 54.39
Arjun Randhawa 3150 43.26
Judy Sellin 171 2.36
To be elected: 6Votes%
Brian D. Kelly 3436 9.55
Ed Sperling 3436 9.55
Jibs Abitoye 3312 9.21
Deanna Lennox 3150 8.76
Lisa Makin 3053 8.49
Gordon Harris 3003 8.35
Birgit Blizzard 2931 8.15
Mike Ferris 2654 7.38
John W. Bouwman 2561 7.12
Frank Garritsen 2557 7.11
Don Lehman 2005 5.57
John Mather 1559 4.33
Stuart L. McGowan 1355 3.77
Charlie Simpson 500 1.39
Curtis Dominique 462 1.28

Campaign Disclosure

Under Part 5.1, Municipal Election Finance and Contribution Disclosure, of the Local Authorities Election Act (LAEA), City Council candidates were required to file their disclosure statements, on or before March 1.

For Mayor

For Councillor

Self-Funded Campaign

  • Curtis Dominique
  • Lisa Makin
  • Stuart McGowan

Aquatic Vote Results

Unofficial Aquatic Services Vote Result

Graph of Unofficial Aquatic Services Vote results