Fence heights are set by the Land Use Bylaw.

How tall can I build my fence?

In your side and rear yards, you can build a fence as tall as 1.8 m (6.0 ft).

In your front yard, you can build a fence as tall as 0.91 m (3.0 ft).

Fences cannot be built on City property.

Do I need a permit for my fence?

You do not need a permit for your fence if it is within the heights described above.

Special Use Permits

You may need a Special Use Permit if you plan on using equipment on City property to build your fence.

What else do I need to know about building a fence?

We recommend that you speak with your neighbours about your plans to build a fence. Together, you can determine your property lines and the best place to build the fence.

You should also contact Alberta One Call before you dig to locate underground utilities and services.