Are you ready to have your work inspected? If you have a building, electrical, plumbing or gas permit you will need to have at least one or more inspection done to ensure the work was done safely.

How do I book my inspection?

To book an inspection, please call 780-992-6207.

You can also email inspection requests.

Please have your permit number ready to book your inspection.

How many inspections do I need?

We include inspection information when we send you your approved permit. The number of inspections depends on the type of work and who is doing the work.

If you are unsure at what stage of your project to book your inspection, call our Building Inspector at 780-992-6207.

How will I know if my work is done right?

All Permits

All documentation will be emailed.

  • This will be noted on the final inspection report.
  • We issue a Permit Services Report (PSR) for all permits.

New Home, Commercial and Industrial

  • A sticker is placed on the electrical panel after the final inspection, if this is not possible we will send out the sticker via mail.
  • You will receive an Occupancy Certificate.

What if the work is not compliant?

Conditional occupancy may be given with a timeline to address the deficiencies.

A file closed non-compliant may be re-opened at the discretion of a City of Fort Saskatchewan Safety Codes Officer, a charge may be applied.

If work does not meet the applicable Codes and life safety conditions are outstanding, an Order may be issued to obtain compliance.

What if I move into a house without occupancy granted?

Moving into a house without occupancy can impact you and your family's safety. We see this as a serious offence and can pose fines from $500 to $5000 depending on the offence and number of prior offences.