Intermunicipal Relations Committee

The Intermunicipal Relations Committee (IMRC) enhances the relationship between the City of Fort Saskatchewan and Strathcona County and ensures effective communication on municipal issues or common interest.

IMRC Members

The IMRC is comprised of six voting members and two non-voting members. The membership shall include:

  • Strathcona County Mayor;
  • Fort Saskatchewan Mayor;
  • Strathcona County Ward 5 Councillor;
  • One (1) Strathcona County Councillor, as appointed by Strathcona County Council;
  • Two (2) Fort Saskatchewan Councillors, as appointed by Fort Saskatchewan Council;
  • Strathcona County Chief Commissioner; and
  • Fort Saskatchewan City Manager.

Upcoming meetings

  • June 14, 2024
  • December 18, 2024

Additional information

Fort Saskatchewan and Strathcona County Intermunicipal Relations Committee Bylaw

Common Bonds Agreement

Alliance Exploration Agreement

Fort Saskatchewan - Strathcona County Alliance Report (2020)