Municipal Development Plan

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Help Shape the Future of Fort Saskatchewan!

Our city is expected to grow to 50,000 people by the year 2045. Now is the time to plan how we want to grow.

The Municipal Development Plan (MDP) establishes a long-term vision for the community and identifies strategies and policies to achieve that vision. View our current MDP.

What we heard

Results from the Community Direction Statement and Pillars online and in person engagements have been evaluated and a summary of the results is now available.

View the MDP Community Direction Statement and Pillars Engagment - What we heard report

Where do we go from here?

We will be seeking your feedback again as we build the Vision and Pillars of the MDP. Your input has been used to build these ideas and we want to know if they resonate with you.

Stay tuned for future engagement opportunities!

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If you would like to be contacted to participate in future MDP engagement opportunities, please fill out the MDP Signup form.

MDP updates will be available on this page throughout the process. Thank you to everyone who participated and provided their input.

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