New Home Construction

We can help you get the right permits in place for your new home. Permits ensure that your new home is safe and meets the Land Use Bylaw.

What permits are needed for a new home?

You will need these permits to build a new home:

  • Development Permit
  • Building Permit
  • Electrical Permits (underground and interior)
  • Plumbing Permit (interior)
  • Gas Permit (interior)
  • Excavation Permit

If you are building a semi-detached or multi-attached home, you will need a set of permits for each separate unit.

Download the New House Application Package

As part of your application you will need to submit:

  • Application forms
  • Plot plan
  • Architectural drawings including floor plans, elevations and cross sections
  • Engineered drawings including floor & roof layouts, foundation details, pile design, tall walls, etc.
  • Energy Code path & calculations
  • Proof of Alberta New Home Warranty & Builder Licencing
  • Architectural approval from the developer
  • PDF files of all documents

You can apply for permits:

  • In person to Planning & Development Services. We are on the 2nd Floor of City Hall, 10005 102 Street, Fort Saskatchewan.
  • By email to:


We price your new home permits using the Fees & Charges Bylaw. The cost of your permits depend on the size of the home.

View the Planning & Development Fee Schedule

Do I need to apply for all the permits at once?

We require the development, building and all electrical, plumbing & gas permits to be applied for together. We cannot release your approved permits to you until all the permits are received and approved by us.

After we release your permits to you, you can then apply for your excavation permit.

How big can I build the house?

Each Land Use District in the Land Use Bylaw lists the setbacks, maximum height, site coverage and other regulations that your home must meet.

If you are unsure of what District your property is in or want help navigating the Land Use Bylaw, we are happy to help. Call us at 780-992-6198. We can also set up a pre-application meeting to go over any preliminary plans and designs.

What if I am re-developing an older residential property?

New home builds on older properties (also known as infill) can be more complex than in our newer neighbourhoods. There may be more requirements depending on the age of the lot. We have a different application package for re-development:

Download the New House Construction (Re-Development) Application Package

We recommend that you set up a pre-application meeting with us to discuss your project. Call us at 780-992-6198 to set up a time to meet.