Indoor Recreation Survey 2023

Indoor Recreation Survey - Your Voice Matters 

This year, as part of our ongoing planning for recreation, the City of Fort Saskatchewan is preparing for the future as it relates to community indoor recreation needs. This includes arenas, the Dow Centennial Centre and Harbour Pool.

Each household should have received a postcard the week of January 9, 2023. The postcard provides a unique ACCESS CODE that can be entered here to complete the questionnaire. The deadline to submit the questionnaire was January 31, 2023.

In addition to residents, organizations and groups who currently use indoor recreation facilities have also been asked to respond to the survey to provide valuable input. The Indoor Recreation Planning Study will review previous studies, the new survey results, along with current trends, and regional facilities to assist Council and Administration to inform and guide planning, identify, and prioritize programming gaps as well as potential future capital investments for recreation facilities.

Thank you for participating in this important planning initiative. The results of the survey will be available online later this year. The complete study will be finalized in June of this year.

Recreation Priorities Survey

In March 2021, City Council sought input from the community on its priorities related to recreation capital projects.

Information on several recreation capital projects and the cost to construct then operate the amenities was provided. The survey asked participants to rank the projects in terms of importance to their household and for timing of when the project would ideally occur in the next ten years.

View the Recreation Priorities Survey 2021 – Final Report