Recreation Survey

Take the Recreation Survey!

February 5 to March 7

As part of the 2018/19 Recreation Services Review, the need for a public/customer survey was identified. A survey addressing satisfaction, needs, and levels of service of recreational facilities and services is now available.

This 10 minute survey will cover customer satisfaction, as well as a gap analysis of existing programs. The survey will get a picture of where things stand now and what residents may be looking for in the future.

The survey will look at:

  • Importance of recreation;
  • Level and type of physical activity;
  • Barriers to participation;
  • Satisfaction with indoor recreation facilities;
  • Satisfaction with outdoor open space recreation opportunities;
  • Satisfaction with and participation in programming;
  • Best way to communicate about recreation opportunities; and
  • Awareness of Access for Everyone program.

Take the Recreation Survey