The Land Use Bylaw is a document that regulates land use and guides development in the City of Fort Saskatchewan.

The Land Use Bylaw:

  • divides the City into different land use districts and determines the built form and activities that occur in each land use district
  • needs to be in conformance with the City's statutory plans; including the Municipal Development Plan, Area Structure Plans, and Area Redevelopment Plans

What is redistricting (rezoning)?

A redistricting (rezoning) is changing the land use district that applies to a parcel of land under the Land Use Bylaw. This changes the kind of uses and development requirements for that parcel of land. A redistricting is required if you want to develop your property in a way that isn't allowed in the current land use district.

What is a text amendment?

A text amendment is a change to the wording of any part of the Land Use Bylaw. Applications can be made to change text regulations in the Land Use Bylaw.

How can I apply for an amendment application?

The first step is setting up a pre-application meeting to discuss your proposal with a City Planner. We can review your proposal to see if it aligns with the City's approved planning documents. To book a meeting please contact 780-992-6198 or email us.

Please review the Land Use Bylaw Amendment (Redistricting) Application Package prior to the meeting. A completed application package along with the fees are required to be submitted too Planning & Development, Lower Level of City Hall (10005 102 Street) or


Application fees are approved by City Council and are included in the Fee Schedule.

What documents do I need?

Who approves an application?

Council makes the final decision on all Land Use Bylaw amendment applications. If an application is approved, it becomes an amendment to the Land Use Bylaw. Council's approval or refusal is final and cannot be appealed.

What is a public hearing?

A public hearing is a process in which members of the public have the opportunity to send written comments to, or speak in front of Council in regards to a bylaw or a development application. The Municipal Government Act requires that all Land Use Bylaw amendment applications (such as a redistricting) and statutory plan approvals, and subsequent amendments have a public hearing.

The public hearing may be advertised in a local newspaper, and adjacent landowners may receive a written notice in the mail. Members of the public can submit written comments, and speak at the public hearing in regards to amendment application.

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