River Valley Alliance

The River Valley Alliance (RVA) is an unincorporated advisory committee that makes recommendations to the Councils of Edmonton, Devon, Leduc County, Parkland County, Strathcona County, Sturgeon County and Fort Saskatchewan on protecting, preserving and enhancing the Capital Region's river valley for year-round accessibility and enjoyment by its citizens and visitors.

The River Valley Alliance Advisory Committee meets monthly and meetings are held in the morning.

Role and authority of the River Valley Alliance

The RVA has developed a concept plan for future development of the river valley, and is responsible for coordinating and networking with river valley stakeholders and all levels of government to realize the implementation of the concept plan.

The RVA does not have any statutory planning or development approval authority over lands within the river valley, as this rests with municipal authorities under the Municipal Government Act. All municipal initiated projects that fall within the RVA concept plan remain under municipal governance for planning, development approval and funding.

The RVA has a role to fund raise to support of municipal river valley project initiatives.


Two members of Council, with one member of Council serving as alternate, and two public-at-large appointed by Council. Public-at-large members serve on the River Valley Alliance Advisory Committee and the Council representative serves on the River Valley Alliance Board of Directors.

Additional information

River Valley Alliance Website