Sidewalk Cafes

The sidewalk café program allows eating and drinking establishments in the Downtown to provide outdoor dining experiences for their patrons. The sidewalk café season runs from May 1st to October 31st.

The Sidewalk Café Guidelines provides the procedures for operating a sidewalk café in Downtown Fort Saskatchewan.

The application fee for a sidewalk café application is $100.

Download the Sidewalk Café Application

You can apply for permits:

  • In person to Planning & Development Services. We are on the 2nd Floor of City Hall, 10005 102 Street, Fort Saskatchewan.
  • By email to:

What is the difference between a sidewalk café and an outdoor patio?

A sidewalk café is located on a public sidewalk or road, and requires a sidewalk café permit.

An outdoor patio is located on a private commercial property, and requires a Development Permit for an Intensity Change. A plan should be provided that shows the layout of the outdoor patio including the location of tables and chairs.

Please contact for information on applying for a Development Permit.

Where can a sidewalk cafe be located?

Sidewalk Cafes are only permitted in the Downtown, as outlined in the Downtown Area Redevelopment Plan.

A sidewalk café should be located on the sidewalk in front of an eating and drinking establishment. Sidewalk Cafes can be located along the side of a corner building.

A sidewalk café must provide a minimum of 1.2m of unobstructed sidewalk width for pedestrians. In locations with narrow sidewalk widths, temporary sidewalk decks can be provided on the road or in parking spaces. For more information, review the Sidewalk Café Guidelines.