Sign Permits and Regulations

Does my sign need a permit?

Common types of signs that require a permit include:

  • Bridge banners
  • Freestanding or pylon signs
  • Residential Way-Finding Signs for New Neighbourhoods
  • Temporary portable signs
  • Wall signs
Sign development permit

If you want to put a sign on your property, you may need a development permit. By applying for permits, you ensure that your investment meets the Land Use Bylaw.

How do I apply?

Download the New Sign Permit Application Form

You can apply for a sign permit online through the CityView Portal.

You will also need to upload the following documents with your online application:

  • Sign map/site plan
  • Elevation drawings/design drawings
  • Electrical permit (if necessary)
  • Landowner letter of authorization


We price sign permits using the Fees & Charges Bylaw.

View the Planning & Development Fee Schedule

Bridge banners

Banners may be hung on the bridge over Highway 15 for community groups and organizations for program registration and community special events. Bridge banners require their own permit.

Download the Bridge Banner Permit Application Form

Submit the Bridge Banner Permit Application form by email to, or in person, to:

Culture Services
Attn: Arthur Lewandowski
City Hall, 2nd Floor, 10005 – 102 Street
Fort Saskatchewan, AB
T8L 2C5

Garage sale signs
If you would like to advertise a garage sale, you can place signs on public property 24 hours before and after the sale. We ask that you do not place signs on the 98 & 99 Avenue boulevards to avoid harming the underground irrigation system.
Residential Way-Finding Signs for New Neighbourhoods

The City in collaboration with the four major residential land developers created a Wayfinding signage program for developing new neighbourhoods back in 2014. This program establishes a branding of wayfinding signage that can be posted within city road rights-of-way to direct the public and future residents to our community to the developing neighbourhoods and showhomes. The program also outlines the process for the land developers to apply for permission for additional signage as needed.

Download the Developer Signage Requirements & Application Form

Temporary Road Right-of-Way sign

Community organizations must complete a permit for the use of temporary signs on City of Fort Saskatchewan road right-of-way.

View the Road Right-of-Way Guidelines

Download the Road Right-of-Way Permit Application Form

The completed form must be submitted to the City either via e-mail, or in person to:

Public Works
11121 – 88 Avenue
Fort Saskatchewan, AB