Smoking Bylaw

Why did Fort Saskatchewan approve a smoking bylaw?

Smoking Bylaw was developed to provide clarity on where and what a person can smoke around Fort Saskatchewan.

Are there restrictions on cannabis consumption?

Yes. In Fort Saskatchewan, you can only consume cannabis (in any form) while on personal property or in a residence.

Are there new restrictions on smoking tobacco as well?

Yes. If you plan on smoking tobacco or using a device such as a vaporizer the restrictions are provided in the table below:

Tobacco, Vaporizer, E-Cigarette, and similar restrictions list

No smoking at anytime

No Smoking within 10m while in use

  • bingo halls
  • casinos
  • drinking establishments
  • grandstands
  • outdoor public events
  • patios
  • private clubs
  • public buildings
  • public transportation vehicles, and bus stops
  • sidewalk cafés
  • a work place
  • child care facility property
  • outdoor pools
  • outdoor theatres
  • playgrounds
  • school property
  • skateboard or bicycle parks
  • sports fields
  • spray parks

What does “in use” mean?

“In use” means when people are using the location for any reason. Simply passing through a park would not count as being “in use”. But, if a game of soccer was running in that field at that time, you would not be permitted to smoke at the location or within 10m of it.

Do I have to do anything as a home owner?

No. The smoking bylaw does not impact private homes at all.

What about rental properties?

The rights of rental property owners are not changed by the bylaw. The property owner must determine if smoking is permitted in their rental property.

What about commercial businesses?

A commercial business cannot permit smoking of cannabis on their property or permit smoking of any kind indoors. They must:

  • Ask the smoker to stop
  • Refuse to serve them/ask them to leave if they do not stop
  • Notify a Peace Officer of anyone that refuses to extinguish what they are smoking

A business owner who takes these actions is deemed to be compliance with the bylaw.

How are businesses who sell electronic cigarettes, vaporizers, and related products impacted?

If selling these items is the primary function of a business, an exemption is in place to allow for the testing of a device or the sampling of products with the device. Traditional smoking is still prohibited in these locations.

What about medicinal cannabis?

The smoking of cannabis is restricted to personal property or in a residence.

How much is a fine?

The fine for smoking in a prohibited area starts at $250 for a first offence and increases to $500 for each additional offense. The fine for permitting smoking where it is banned starts at $250 and then increases to $1000 for each additional infraction.

When does the smoking bylaw take effect?

The Smoking Bylaw came into effect on September 25, 2018.

Where can I view the entire smoking bylaw?

View the Smoking Bylaw.