Southfort Area Structure Plan Amendments and Rezoning

Updated September 6, 2023

Proposed Southfort ASP amendments

The City of Fort Saskatchewan is proposing to update the Southfort ASP to designate lands along HWY 21 for commercial use, remove an optional road that would extend Greenfield Way to Highway 21, and facilitate a more efficient transportation network in the southeast portion. The changes are proposed to improve connectivity to the lands to the south and remove redundancy.

The Southfort ASP comprises 700 hectares (1700 acres) of land. Southfort is currently home to 7,277 residents with a projected population of 18,300-21,000 residents. The Southfort ASP is a statutory plan adopted by Council approval and provides the framework for land use, transportation access, utility services, and population projections for the area for the Southfort neighbourhood.

Proposed updates to the Southfort ASP include:

  • Removal of an optional road that extends from Greenfield Way between Southfort Drive and Highway 21;
  • Designating lands described as Lot 5, Block 1, Plan 232 0401 for commercial development;
  • Revising the future transportation network in the southeast area of the Plan; and
  • Reconfiguration of surrounding land uses and a school site in response to the revised road network

Southfort ASP documents

Current Southfort ASP

Current Southfort ASP Land Use Concept Plan

Proposed Southfort ASP (Draft 2023)

Proposed Southfort ASP Land Use Concept Plan (Draft 2023)

June 2023 Public Engagement Summary Report

Proposed rezoning

The City of Fort Saskatchewan initiated a redistricting to rezone lands (Lot 5, Block 1, Plan 232 0401) located adjacent to Highway 21. The application proposes to rezone 2.72 hectares (6.72 acres) of lands in Southfort neighbourhood from:

  • UR – Urban Reserve to C2 – Commercial Retail and Service District

The C2 – Commercial Retail and Service District is intended to provide high quality commercial development along major roadways.

Redistricting documents

Proposed Redistricting Map

C2 - Commercial Retail and Service District Uses

Notice of Public Hearing for Bylaw C5-23 & C7-23

A Public Hearing for Bylaw C5-23 & C7-23 is scheduled for Tuesday, September 26 at 2:00pm in Council Chambers. The City is proposing to amend the Southfort Area Structure Plan (Bylaw C5-23) and rezone land adjacent to HWY 21 for commercial use (Bylaw C7-23). Additional details at


What is an Area Structure Plan?

An Area Structure Plan (ASP) is a Council approved statutory plan that guides the future growth and development for a specific area within the City. An ASP includes proposed land uses, proposed population densities, and the general locations of major transportation routes for newly developing neighbourhoods. ASPs must be developed in conformance with the growth and development direction set by the Municipal Development Plan.

How is an ASP approved?

New ASPs, amendments to existing ASPs, and redistricting bylaws must be approved by Council. A public hearing must be held and advertised as part of the process. This is in following with the Municipal Government Act.

How can I stay informed?

This page will be updated with the project progress.

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