Subdivision and Development Appeal Board

The Subdivision and Development Appeal Board (SDAB) hears appeals from people who have been affected by a decision of the Development Authority under the Land Use Bylaw and the Subdivision Authority under the Subdivision Authority Bylaw. Once you have met requirements and filed a proper appeal, this Board presides over your hearing.

The SDAB is an independent, quasi-judicial body established by City Council, and its decisions are final and cannot be overturned unless the board makes an error in some aspect of law or jurisdiction.

The board is appointed by City Council and consists of citizens living in the City of Fort Saskatchewan.

Appeal process

During this hearing the Appeal Board will take into account the submissions by both the appellant and/or applicant and the development authority. Procedures on conducting an appeal hearing will be provided to Board members.

All Subdivision and Development Appeal Board Hearings will be held in Council Chambers at City Hall (10005-102 Street) unless otherwise indicated.

Upcoming hearings, agendas and decisions

Wednesday, June 7, 2023 Hearing 

Development Permit: PLSUB20220814

A Notice of Appeal was submitted to the SDAB following the issuance of a development permit (PLSUB20220814).

The May 11, 2023 hearing has been rescheduled for of Wednesday, June 7, 2023 @ 1:00 PM, to be held in the Council Chambers of City Hall.

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Meeting Agenda

Decision Letters

March 10, 2023 - Notice of Decision

February 17, 2023 - Notice of Decision

February 17, 2023 - Clarification of Notice of Decision

Additional information

SDAB Notice of Appeal Form

Subdivision and Development Appeal Board Bylaw

Development Regulations