Fire Department History

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Fort Saskatchewan Fire Services History
Fort Saskatchewan Fire Services History
Fort Saskatchewan Fire Services History
Fort Saskatchewan Fire Services History

100 Years of Fire Fighting Tradition (1906-2006)

The Fire Department members supported a special project that recognized and commemorated this historic event and left a legacy to the Community.


“Pride of the Fleet” 1929 Ford Model ‘AA’ Bickle Fire Truck

  • First motorized fire apparatus purchased by the Town of Fort Saskatchewan.
  • Major advancement in firefighting equipment and was used as the primary response to fires in conjunction with the manually pulled (horse drawn and people drawn) hose carts and pumps.
  • Served the community for approximately 25 years before being retired from active service in the mid 1950’s.
  • Purchase price of this vehicle was $2,100. CNR delivered the truck from Woodstock for a cost of $269.10.


Did You Know?

  1. In 1906, when the Fire Department was formed, their equipment consisted of 4 dozen water pails and a lot of brigade members.
  2. In 1917, after the Court House fire, the Alberta Government forwarded a $ 25 cheque to the Fire Department as a token of their appreciation.
  3. Town Council budgeted in 1930 - $ 19 for the whole fire brigade for the entire year.
  4. On September 23, 1931, a new siren purchased by the Town was installed and used to notify the Fire Brigade of an emergency. It was located at the Provincial Gaol.
  5. 1931 – First reference to “a” fire hydrant being located in the business section (102 St between 99 and 100 Ave).
  6. 1951 – The fire bell was removed from the old town hall roof and installed in the new St. George’s Anglican Church.
  7. 1953 – All fittings and hose connections on the Town’s fire apparatus were altered to meet Civil Defense standards and now the equipment was compatible with the Edmonton Fire Department. (standard size)
  8. May 12, 1966 – Council created a full-time Fire Chief position. His duties included fire safety and suppression, gas inspector, plumbing inspection, and license inspector. His salary was $ 440 per month. George Gray became the first Fire Chief / Inspector in October 1966.


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