Fire Pits

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Fire Pit Guidelines

Building a Fire Pit

City of Fort Saskatchewan Bylaw No. C5-00 and Guidelines which include the following conditions:

  • Three (3) meters from any structure including but not limited to a fence, or deck, trees or shrubs, from the eave of the nearest building, including but not limited to garage, sheds or house to the closest outside edge of fire pit.
  • Fire pit must be surrounded by one (1) meter of a non-combustible material such as but not limited to gravel, shale, concrete, sand, etc.
  • Covered with heavy gauge metal spark retention screen having a mesh size no larger than thirteen (13) millimetres.
  • The fire pit is for the purpose of cooking or obtaining warmth, not for refuse disposal.
  • Fires in pit will only be fuelled with dry wood, charcoal, coal, natural gas or propane. If using natural gas or propane, owner must provide the Safety Codes Office in the Fire Discipline with proof of an approved gas inspection by a Safety Codes Officer in the Gas Discipline.
  • A Fire Pit Permit is no longer required as of January 2015, but all fire pits MUST meet the above guidelines. 


Fire Pit Safety

  • Person (18 years of age or older) shall be outside in attendance at all times fire is burning.
  • Fire pits should not be used hen winds exceed 25 km/h.
  • Smoke shall not interfere with adjacent property owners/occupants that will affect the enjoyment of their property and/or home.
  • Fire to be extinguished completely prior to leaving area.
  • Fire pits will not be used if a complete fire ban has been issued.


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